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This Superman Kia Optima Hybrid Really is One Super Looking Car

DC comics and car company KIA teamed up to make this Superman inspired Optima Hybrid for the we can be heroes charity. It was recently unveiled at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show and sports a grille that resembles Superman's belt, an overall blue paintjob with red wheels and trim with a red roof and truck that mimics his cape. If you like the outside... wait til you see the interior.

Make sure you read on faster than a speeding bullet to see more photos.

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Iron Man's War Machine Costume Almost Looks Too Superhero Real

Check out Stealth Cosplay's recently finished War Machine costume. It lights up and has a spin up shoulder mounted cannon for the effect of REALISM. You know, comic book realism.


Fantastic Four's THE THING Pumpkin Statue is Indeed Fantastic

This is a life-sized THE THING from the Fantastic Four created out of 11 busted up pumpkins by redditor wizardtig. The structure stands at an impressive 6'4" tall, built on a custom wooden frame and lights up the entire neighborhood.


Unbelievable VENOM Body Painted Man

Yes, what you see here is an actual burly dude painted up to look like Spider-Man's nemesis Venom.

So freakin' sick.

[ devious body art ]


Macho Man Wins! Solid Beatdown Action Figure Photography

Think "Macho Man" Randy Savage can put the beatdown on Skeletor. Hellz yeah he can. How about Spider-man? BODYSLAMMED like a bishhhhh. Lemonjuice McGee decided to take a bunch of your favorite superheroes and destroy them in some sick action stills.

Read on to see more of these excellent photos of Macho Man putting some smack down on Superman, TMNT and whoever else is in the way.

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The Dark Wipe: A Heroic Batman Toilet Paper Holder

Batman is one stand up guy! He is so helpful that he will stand there in silence and hand you toilet paper when you need it most. My kind of hero. This 31" tall custom crafted dark knight pooper paper holder was made by conrick.


Ultra Sick and Impressive Venom Graffiti Wall

Check out this VENOM graffiti wall by:

Sekel • DarkElixir

The Benelux Writers Convention

[ flickr source ]


Superheroes Lip Art Featuring Batman, Captain America and Superman

Hey ladies (and some gents)... care to paint your lips into a superhero? HECK YEAH.

"Inspired by the recent film The Avengers Jonathan Knowles and make-up artist Celine Nonon joined forces to create this Super lip art beauty trio, featuring Batman, Captain America and Superman."

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Avengers Assemble Shot Glasses! THOR Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Break out your hammer, summon some lightning and prepare to drink like a God.

"Highland Park, based in the Orkney Islands, has turned to the fertile mythological history of its grounds as inspiration for the Valhalla Collection. Thor, named after one of the most famous of the Norse gods, will have the god’s symbolic hammer embossed on the bottle, and is presented in a beautifully carved wooden display case reminiscent of the bow of a traditional Nordic boat."

If you have a spare $245 bucks laying around (of course you do) you can nab this Thor scotch all for yourself (of course you will).

[ source ] via [ thatsnerdalicious ]


Incredible Hulk on the Toilet Statue Smashing an O-Ring


This statue was spotted in a mall in Seoul, Korea.


The Incredible Barack Obama Hulk Action Figure


This is a presidentially tough version of Barack Obama as the Incredible Hulk by Ron English. Sadly, your tax refund can't buy this as it's not for sale. Mitt Romney's daily paycheck would scoff at that... that dude can buy the actual Hulk.

[ source ] via [ tdw ]


Hey Bub, Learn How to Make Metal Wolverine Claws for Five Bucks

Anyone who is anyone knows that if your life is being threatened the first thing you should do is weaponize yourself. Now, what better to go at your foe than a pair of functionally dangerous metal wolverine claws. Best of all, they only cost $5 to make. Not too shabby for the poor man's geek weapon.

[ source and how to make ]