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TRON Light Cycle Custom Computer Case Mod is Off The Grid

 Measuring in at over 40 inches, this glowing LED laden TRON Legacy Light Cycle computer case mod is something any TRON fanboy/fangirl would love to have on their desktop. Boasting a completely hand-crafted chassis that took some intensive dremel work and precise mounting of a laundry list of laser cut acrylic parts to create.

Wrap it around a Intel i7 965 processor, EVGA GTX570 video cards in SLI, install some slick water cooling and listen/watch this Light Cycle purr through your gaming. This is a submission to the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition and holy hell it sure is completely freakin' awesome. Want more photos? Read on.

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Extra Pepperoni Please! The Pizza Box Laptop Case Mod

Take the old pizza box (scrape off most of the cheese) you have had lying around under your bed for the past five years, add some laptop innards to it and WHAMMO... Laptop Pizza Box.

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Your iPad 2 is as Powerful as a $12 Mil 1985 Cray 2 SuperComputer

Did you know that the iPad tablet sitting on your lap is as powerful as an 1985 - Quad CPU Cray 2 Supercomputer? Well.. looks like you do now, cause that madness is true... according to the "computer historians". Regardless, amazing.

"When they finish their project, though, Dr. Dongarra estimates that the iPad 2 will have a Linpack benchmark of between 1.5 and 1.65 gigaflops (billions of floating-point, or mathematical, operations per second). That would have insured that the iPad 2 could have stayed on the list of the world’s fastest supercomputers through 1994."

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Most Badass Computer Desk Laden with Guns

The military arm of the computer hardware geek community. One might ask, "well... if he is so badass... why is he looking at yahoo?"

Answer: If you have this arsenal of weapons around your desk... you can look at what ever website you like.

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World's Most Amazing and Technologically Advanced Scarecrow

Scarecrows do two things: Scare crows and in this instance, be totally "computerizingly" awesome. Just watch the video and scare yourself as to how totally badass it is. God damn it, I knew I needed a field to protect.


Bioshock Aquarium Computer Case Mod Big Daddy Style

Believe it, there is actually a computer in there, but don't be fooled that's not water. That is mineral oil, and your computer will do just fine swimming in it. Big Daddy, you sure do look tough in there, just hold your breath a little longer.

Click on for more pics and a video of the bioshock case mod in action.

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Blink Blink: A Sad Computer Head Man is Sad



Russian CPU Collector: "Look at my CPUs, my CPUs are Amazing" 

Russian потрясающий-geek decided to present his humble collection of over 1000 CPUs to the people of this forum. The CPUs range from the early days of computerizing to the modern days we all call "now." 

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Waffle Racer FIFO: Wear Waffle Circuit Boards on your Feet

Made from a Nike Sneaker, this shoe is hacked together with waffle boards as the sole. FIFO - FIRST IN, FIRST OUT. These data-processing kicks were made by gabriel dishaw, good work sir. 

Key Features
Chip Waffle Pattern for superior traction and data transfer.
Braided steel lacing for durability and better lock down of your foot.
Premium insoles with memory chip that records diagnostic information through out your gait.
One Piece Toe box for superior form and fit.
Tongue chip set for fast gait processing.

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Warhammer 40k Computer Case Mod - The Dreadnought

Holy freakin' balls this is impressive. So yes, you read that right this is a computer case (which has computer parts in it) and it's a Dreadnought from Warhammer 40k. Sick.  Click on to see a video of this beast powering on...

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A true storm trooper would use a PC