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Ultra Violent Stop Motion Zelda Action Figures and Clay Monsters

Nothing like starting your day with Link chopping off the heads of claymation baddies. The video took about a month to put together and consists of about 3000 frames.

"Link and black rock shooter from figma toys VS hero factory monsters."


Adventure Time Bedroom is Best Bedroom EVER

Well grab my golden sword and call me ms tree trunks, cause this just might be the awesomest bedroom ever decorated.


It was created by mighty oaks little acorn into a megaplex for her kids. Lucky kids. Lucky freakin' kids. Read on.

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Super Mario Levels Sculpted on Top of Real Animal Skulls

Geek crafter, Tobias Wüstefeld from Hamburg-Eimsbuttel, Germany sculpted these awesome skulls that have an abridged version of a level from Super Mario Bros built right into the bone.

They will be exhibited at the "8bit Artshow" in September in Berlin.


Custom Donkey Kong Wine Barrel Tabletop Arcade 'A Barrel of Kong'

How awesome is this custom-built Donkey Kong tabletop arcade machine conversion. The idea was to make a fully fuctional game of Kong into an old barrel that you can happily have beer and cocktails on. It was built by Joel Griffin Dodd, who is no stranger to some kickass cabinet builds, but this one I am pretty sure I could not jump over.

Read on to see more and how it was built.

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Jedi Scuba Diver Knocks Over Rocks with Underwater Bubble Ring

What is this magic?! Avatar? Scuba Havok? Watch this guy blow a perfect underwater bubble ring and then force push it at a tower of rocks.

Spoiler: The rocks get DESTROYED.


A Smaug Log? Artist Converts Tree Stumps into LAWN DRAGONS

Let's face it, trees are cool. They make oxygen for us, provide shade, you can climb them, put houses in them, but sometimes you are forced to cut them down and deal with weak open space that can easily be attacked.

Take that old stump, hire yourself an artist and carve it into a dragon that will protect your lawn like it's a pile of gold and gems!


Holy Stuff! Strum Me a Ditty on this Adventure Time Guitar

What time is it?!?! It's adventure time guitar time!

Heck yeah.


Incredible Space Scene Spray Painted on an Entire House Floor

This just might be the coolest graffiti art installation I (and/or you) have ever seen. The entire floor of this house has been spray-painted with an awesome fragmented galaxy composition. Yes, it's a SPACE FLOOR.

The space floor was created by the French team called Graffiti Decoration who specializes in making living spaces look spectacular with the use of aerosol cans.

Read on to see more. 

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Stunning Avengers Pink Floyd Painted Women Poster Art

Remember this iconic Pink Floyd poster? Well, Zach T. Jordan of ztjillustration painted / illustrated up a stunning version of this classic wall poster with the entire Avengers team on the backs of bare women. Even saying that sounds awesome.

Shine on you crazy Tesseract.


Custom Nike Iron Man Back to the Future Mags

Marty McFly meets Iron Man in these awesome Back to the Future customs by Mache.

Read on to see more shots.

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Dude Makes 3 Foot Tall Mountain Dew Bottle Chainsaw Carving

This is dewing the DEW with a chainsaw and a block of wood. The Mtn Dew bottle stands up at a full 38" inches tall, created by Danny Kissel and is loved by his son who is bound to become a well caffeinated late night hardcore gamer. 


Medieval Demonic Skull Helmet

Going into battle is ROUGH. Swords to the chest, axes to the nuts, spears to the face... dysentery.  Best thing you can do is to make sure your armor puts overwhelming fear into your adversary and sends him running. That little bitch.

Pro tip: Get a skull helm with demon teeth and rip your opponent apart with your badass looks alone.