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LEGO DJ Table Mixes Your Blocky Rhythms 


Wicky Wicky Wicky

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Awesome Solar System Video Based on Incredible Space Art


This original picture was made by space artist licoti. This is only a few slices I took from the original image, which is pretty awesome looking and it's 30,000 pixels wide. Holy crap that's huge. You can go here and download it (17.4 MB). 

This video was made by Sylvafilm and took licoti's awesome image to a new video level.

[  full solar system on deviantart ]


SteamPunk Pistol for all Your Post Apocalyptic LARPing Needs

You care to battle like its 2053? Well now you can ! Check out this custom made, piece of sci-fi fantasy role playing live action death machine that will totally destroy all your friends... IN THE FACE.

Click on to see more pics and where to purchase this blaster.

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Doctor Laser: A Documentary about Freakin' Lasers and Holographics

Have 20 minutes to spare? Sure you do! Sit back and watch this cool documentary about one of the last "practitioners of the holographic arts." I want to learn this trade.

"Jason Sapan, as his birth certificate calls him, is sort of like a laser Doc Brown, and his cluttered New York studio-laboratory (replete with devoted interns) feels something like a time machine, a living ode to a seemingly obsolete art."

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Have things to Shoot to Bits? Build Yourself a M134 Airsoft MiniGun

So, you can go to [ this site ] and begin your journey into the fine arts of airsoft gun building. Watch this video below of this thing completely destroying whatever it shoots at. Pretty gnarly. 6000 rounds per minute gnarly.

"Solenoid valve regulates the flow of gas (CO2). Maximum pressure is 14 Bars (203PSI). Remote control system allows to operating without any additional cables. Battery powered with two 12V aku. Magazine hold 16 000 BBs. This means that you can still shoot for a long time. Large weight prevents wearing. But if you are strong you can try. A perfect place to install is a car or a defensive position."

My ONLY issue with this is that the barrel doesn't rotate. I do find that to be a huge part of the awesomeness that is the minigun. Either way, this thing is bad ass.

[ found at ohgizmo ]



Adidas Sneaker Cell Phone is Worth Running to China For

I know what you are thinking, "a flip phone?! those are the best!" Well wait, it gets BETTER.. you can get your favorite flip phone in the form of an Adidas sneaker ! Hooray finally ! Anyway.. It does look kinda cool and I really dig how they did the laces. Click on to see more pics.

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Tokyo Stormtrooper, Singin' in the Rain and Dancing with Mini-Clones

Watch on, it will entertain you on this monday morning. StormTroopers dancing around along with a special guest appearance of R2. The little mini-troopers are great, but I love the reason why they were added...

"Following the Star Wars tradition of releasing a "Special" edition, with pointless CG effects."

Animation & Compositing - Tony Lymboura
Mini Trooper model - Olivier Couston
R2D2 model - Julian Peacock
Choreography - Danny Choo

In case you were wondering.. here is the [ original version ] without all the fun stuff.


New Porsche 918 Spyder is one Sick Looking Ride

From the "I'd drive that" category, check out this new Porche 918. A pretty nice looking whip, indeed. Set in a carbon fibre shell, this beast sports and unconfirmed 708bhp and get this... LCD screens for in dash rearview mirrors. That's some tech right there. Apparently, the prototype cost over $20 Million to build.

Click on to see more pics.

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35 Space Helmet Reflections that are "Off the Earth"

How many times have you seen a human face jammed inside a space helmet? That's right... 35. Here is a nice compilation of movie images that have been found within the digital construct that we call "the internets." I can only imagine that you WILL enjoy this fine matrix of intergalactic imagery.

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LEGO Star Wars Space Invaders Wall Mounted Mash-up

Simple and pretty brilliant. Star Wars, Lego, and Space Invaders... three of everyone's favorite things.

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Cool Movie Geek Postcards that are Totally Isosceles



Triangles are pretty great.. Just ask Zelda, she loves them. These nifty postcards are from the brain of TheFunctionalFox and I must say, good show ole' chap, these are delightfully acute. Get it? Ugh.. Triangle humor is tough... I know.



Hold a Twelve Pack of Beer on your Chest: Beer Can Ammo Belt 


Q: What is better than beer? A: Nothing

Don't you ever question this. So, that being said... Let's put some beer on your chest and treat it like they are bullets. Nice... cold... wet.. delicious bullets. 

[ go here and get a belt for $30 ] via [ likecool ]

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