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Impressively Full Size Nightmare's Soul Edge from Soul Calibur 5

Soul Calibur's Nightmare has one giant and evil looking sword. This massive beauty was created by Casy Kovach.

Read on to see more.

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Awesomest Giant Robot Costume Ever Debuts at San Diego Comic Con

Holy freakin' crap this is all sorts of awesome. This robot costume was built in 24 days and is loaded with guns and ROBOT SOUNDS.

"It took the mighty minds and resources of WIRED, YouTube, Stan Winston Studios, Legacy Effects, and Conde Nast Entertainment to create an insanely detailed, one-of-a-kind, 9 foot 9 inch Mech with four arms to usher in the 2013 San Diego Comic Con."

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Fantastic Dovahkiin in Full Daedric Armor from Skyrim Cosplay

Almost TOO GOOD. This full Daedric Amor suit was built and worn by zerios88 who is a hobbyist fantasy video game armor and weapons crafter that likes to collect hearts of the Daedra while pounding goblets of Dragonmead.

Make sure you hit the jump and see more of his insanely badass project...

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Baby Ripley Piloting the Aliens Power Loader Costume

Check out this baby driving this power loader from Aliens. Inside that costume is the baby's father and friend of redditor rdt156. Pretty freakin' awesome. Read on to see a video of it in action.

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Cowabunga! This Replica TMNT Michelangelo Costume is Totally Radical

Pass the freakin' pizza dude, cause this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume is waaaay more impressive than you think. This movie prop quality Michelangelo suit was tediously hand made piece by piece out of foam, plaster, and a ton of turtle grease which spanned over several months by a couple of fans way down in good ole' Oklahoma.

Read on to see more detailed pics and some highlights of the build.

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The Empirical Stark Industries Presents: The Iron Man Stormtrooper

Toby aka sithcamero decided to give us a cosplay combination of Stark Industries and the Galactic Empire. Invincible enough to withstand an Ewok attack on Alderaan and/or Endor?

[ sithcamaro ]



Crochet Cyclops Body Armor Costume for Pillaging the Backyard

Wait... what? Crochet can be awesome? YES indeed. I say pillaging, but let's be honest here, this outfit would do wonders for hardcore boozing and capturing people to store in your shed, and we ALL know it. Made by Veronica Knight. Thanks a tons Ms. Knight.

[ source ] via our supercool awesome pals at [ technabob ]


Impressive Ironhide Transformers Costume Made From Household Goods

Gather up some parts from local household, hardware, drug, sporting goods, pet shop, and discount stores and make yourself a super badass custom autobot costume. Well, that's what Peter Kokis of Brooklyn Robotworks did and he calls his creation 'Brooklyn Ironhide' and from the looks of it, B-I is ready to party. It took Peter over 600 hours to create the suit and it weighs in at around 164lbs. 164 pounds of tough.

Read on to see this awesomely cool costume posing in front of a freakin' battleship.

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TANK DOG Halloween Costume Will Destroy for Treats

How badass is this little dog now? I say just leave that dog in that tank from now until the end. Oh wait... you wish this tank made some sounds? Read on for the weapons test. Tank dog!

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Metroid's 16 Bit Samus Costume in Real Life Pixel Monster Boss Battle

This is a full scale human fitting Samus costume in 16bit! This is Chozo's new photoshoot demonstrating what it would look like in action versus a mean looking purple pixel monster. Very awesome. Read on to see a few more action shots.

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Nintendo Game Cartridge Body Armor and SNES Sword

Have some leftover SNES game cartridges laying around that you desperately want to find a use for? Well, here you go, craft yourself some body armor and look like the toughest nerd this side of Hyrule. This was spotted at the most recent [ otakon ] held in Baltimore, Maryland which is a celebration of all things anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture. Read on and on and on to see more of this Nintendo Geek Suit in it's full glory.

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Glowingly Dark and Sexy TRON Cosplay

This is vampireleniore aka bad charlotte posing in some super sexy TRON corset setup that the MPC would flip his shit over.

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