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A Batman Tumbler Sculpture Made From Old Busted up Playstation 2s

Holy PS2 Batman! Check out this unique Dark Knight tumbler made entire out of dead PlayStation parts. It was crafted up by shankalonian and if you are into popping this beast on your bookshelf, you can snag it here.


The Ball Joint Dragon Fits Right in the Palm of Your Hand

Check out this simple, but cutely awesome hand-crafted dragon that is made from ball joints. If you want one (yes you do) you can hit up the creator [ here ].


Super Mario Levels Sculpted on Top of Real Animal Skulls

Geek crafter, Tobias Wüstefeld from Hamburg-Eimsbuttel, Germany sculpted these awesome skulls that have an abridged version of a level from Super Mario Bros built right into the bone.

They will be exhibited at the "8bit Artshow" in September in Berlin.


Holy Stuff! Strum Me a Ditty on this Adventure Time Guitar

What time is it?!?! It's adventure time guitar time!

Heck yeah.


How to Carve an Apple into McDonald's French Fries

Here is a decently way to ruin a child's happiness by converting a regular old healthy apple into that of McDonald's fries. I say take that sucker, cover it in butter and deep fry it.


Bioshock Inspired LED Steampunk Bracer of Hooks and Blades

What do you need more than a Bioshock inspired steampunk bracer with interchangable blades? NOTHING, good sir! For added effect, there is a mounted green LED that spins and just plain looks cool.  The hook and straight edge blades are made from aircraft grade aluminum, so you can easily do some damage without tiring out. Made by Skinz-N-Hydez.

Read on to see more and watch a video of the LED lights in action.

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Battle Damaged Iron Man Hand Repulsor Desktop Lamp

Now THIS is one cool desktop lamp! It is an Iron Man hand/gauntlet/arm that has been made to shed light on your desk via the repulsor weapon.

Update: This Iron Man lamp was made by Sérgio Oliveira.

Read on to see more...

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Crafty Chick Makes Vanellope's Racing Kart from 'Wreck-it Ralph'

How would you like to ride (sit in) around this awesomely colorful recreation of 'Vanellope's Kart' from Disney's Wreck-it Ralph. Weighing it at around 13lbs this prop was made in about 3-4 weeks of video gaming elbow grease by ikariyamanga and LauraC.

"Completely collapsible - Front and back of car disconnect, spoiler, wheels, rear rims, 6 pipes all disconnect for easy transport. Has suspenders to keep it up while the rider walks around."

And yes... all those stars sprinkles were painted by hand. Perfect.


Father Builds Son an Incredible Moving X-Wing Bed with Cockpit Mounted TV

A long long time ago, in THIS galaxy a father named darthdaddy42 started building the awesomest bed ever made by a human for the luckiest kid ever. The X-Wing BED is finally finished.

What makes it so great? For starters, look at it, that thing is massive! Secondly, the wings can be controlled via remote to close and open into attack mode. Lastly, it has a built in TV and DVD player that you can watch Star Wars on from the cockpit.

Read on my friend and see what you can wish your father made for you...

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Make Hard Boiled Xenomorph Alien Eggs Right in the Kitchen

Have a cucumber, chicken eggs and some tea bags laying around? Make like the queen,  get yourself into the kitchen and start pumping out a nest of alien boiled eggs.

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Wearable Warhammer 40k Terminator Helmet Looks Rather Menacing

Made from heatgun shaped porous sturdy plastic and random bits from a hardware store, this badass looking Terminator helmet from Wahammer 40k was custom built by SK-OC.

"Terminators are Space Marine Veterans who have earned the right to wear Tactical Dreadnought Armour, better known as Terminator Armour, and serve as their Chapter's greatest infantry assets, each essentially serving as a walking tank."


Steampunk Iron Man Arc Reactor Pocket Watch

The Iron Man steampunk style pocket watch by Adi Simion may not be able to keep track of time, but I am pretty sure anyone would throw money at it to own one. Who needs time when you command a portable Arc Reactor?!