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Mixin' Like a Bounty Hunter: The Boba Fett KitchenAid

Crafter tommyfilth convinced his wife to buy a busted down old KitchenAid for Christmas so he could refurbish it into this Boba Fett inspired mixer. Mandalorian cookies? 1000 year old Sarlacc pit pizzas?! What do you think?


Crafted Cardboard Guns That Fire Bullets of Imagination

Cardboard artist Asif Farooq planned out each of these guns in meticulous detail, cut up the cardboard and crafted an impressive arsenal of weaponry that actually fires live rounds. Just kidding, they are cardboard.. they don't do shit but look cool. That is good enough for me.

Read on to see them all...

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The TMNT Watermelon Core Krang O’ Lantern Pumpkin

MikeV took a watermelon and chopped it up inside of a Halloween pumpkin craftily sculpting it into that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle villain... KRANG. With hybrid pumpkin technology like this, one could take over planet Earth with little to no use of the Technodrome.

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Fill it with Booze!!! R2D2 Unit That Dispenses Drinks

Check this out. It is a R2 unit that has a been loaded with electronic Super Soaker parts and filled with blue gatorade. What is the BEST part about this, is that it looks like our little android pal is taking a pee right into your cup. Spell it out loud "I CUP". Works every time.

"After spraying it white and masking off the entire thing with blue painter’s tape, the shapes for the blue designs were cut out and painted. Half of a foam sphere from the hobby shop was used to form the dome."

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CAT-AT: An Imperial Walker Cat House Filled With Booze and Trophies

This massive AT-AT cat fort was build for the two luckiest felines on planet Earth. The insides of the "CAT-AT" are that of a luxury condo equipped with a shelf of booze, a disco ball and animal trophy heads. Just like any Star Wars geek cat would WANT in his room. 

Keep on reading to see more photos and wish you were a cat just so you can live in this.

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Watch this Banana Morph into a Superhero Sculpture

What we have here is a normal banana. *Nod* But wait... what rests inside this banana is a powerful superhero! Don't believe me? Read on and see for yourself.

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Halo Master Chief Helmet Made from Recycled Mountain Dew Cans

Recycled can crafter cyroprime made this "replica" Master Chief helmet out of old Mountain Dew cans called the Mark V MJILOLNIR Helmet.

[ source ] via [ ianbrooks ]


Batman Russian Matroyshka Nesting Dolls

Nothing says "superhero within a superhero" than hand-crafted Batman russian nesting dolls made by a real deal russian ginger. These geekycool matroyshka dolls were part of a project by Katya Malakhova from St. Petersburg.

[ source ] via [ collabcubed ]


Crochet Cyclops Body Armor Costume for Pillaging the Backyard

Wait... what? Crochet can be awesome? YES indeed. I say pillaging, but let's be honest here, this outfit would do wonders for hardcore boozing and capturing people to store in your shed, and we ALL know it. Made by Veronica Knight. Thanks a tons Ms. Knight.

[ source ] via our supercool awesome pals at [ technabob ]


Skyrim 'Breezehome' Gingerbread House!

The holidays sure can be delicious, especially if you craft a Skyrim Gingerbread house! Anyway, this cute blonde-headed nerdy chick (FrostyStarcraft) decided to recreate Breezehome with a dragon on top and a dead giant spider to the side that will make you drool some some of that sweet sweet goodness on the edge of a broadsword.


This Superman Pizza Could Be My Kryptonite

You can't get any simpler than this Superman Pizza foodcrafting. Get some dough, shape it up like you (everyone) know how and lace it with delicious pepperoni pieces. Booya! Faster than trains and bullets will that go into your face.

[ source ] via [ buzzfeed ]

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Homemade Cardboard Star Wars AT-AT and Millenium Falcon

With a pile of old cardboard boxes and a galactic ton of love, Matheson Harris has created quite the impressive collection of DIY Star Wars ships.

"Hot glue, cardboard, sharpie, a few sucker sticks and ping pong balls"

Read on to see the entire garbage armada of a tie fighter, x-wing, tie fighter, AT-ST and even a giant cardboard star destroyer.

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