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You Found Me: Janitor Searches for Lost Kmart Sock Pooper

Sit back and read the craigslist tale of a janitor desperately trying to put some closure on the great poop filled sock mystery of Alabama's Centre Kmart.

Thanks go to Jason for letting me know that someone out there is looking for me.


The Most Boss Romantic Encounter at Little Kings Bar via Craigslist

This lovely girl sounds like THE NUMBER TWO we have all been looking for. So, if you are this impressive woman with an affinity for droppin' dueces on and around the Little Kings Bar in Athens, GA, the love of your life is out there... searching for you.

Somewhere out there,  behind the Little King's dumpster, someone's thinking of me, and loving me tonight.

That's right, just like Fievel.

Thanks go to BritBrit for the turtle heads up on this piece of online love found through public defecation. <3

[ orig craigslist ad ]


Child Sized Crutches: Will Trade for Cigarettes

This might be the best deal that the internet has to offer today. His loss, your gain.

Thanks to J450N who just recently had his third child ("Voltron"), which rumor has it that he traded some old steel leg braces and two cartons of Pall Mall cigs to get. Good trade.

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Doctors Orders: Swap a Guitar Case for Some Enema Treatments

I guess some people need a cleansing (anal) from time-to-time and ALL they have to offer is a shittyold bass guitar case. What I really wonder here is what in the hell does the assistant get?! I hope it's a rusty thimble, those are cool. Applying, for either position... now.

[ craigslist source ]

Thanks Nathan for the heads up on this as well as finally explaining your extensive guitar case collection. A collection that I always thought smelled kinda funny.


Gauntlet Thrown: Wizard Needs Dude Badly

Through many levels of harsh terrain you needed to keep your wizard well fed and alive.  "Wizard Needs Food Badly!" he would scream at you though those arcade machine speakers and if you ran out of time; that could only mean death. Now, it seems that time has passed and this wizard has more of a lust for life. Go on... give him a dude.

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Disgruntled Copywriter "I DO ANYTHING" Craigslist Ad 

But what will you do for $10 or more?

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Wanting a Cali Girl on Craigslist Can Get Pretty Tricky

This is a combo of pure fail hybrid smashed with absolute win. Haha.

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]

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Craigslist: Looking for an Room in NYC, NO IPHONES Allowed


Rob a Crown Fried Chicken in Harlem, Get a Date with a Thick Girl


As you and I well know... this could have been any of us. Obvious Winner readers KNOW how to rob fried chicken stands... and all the ladies love our skills.

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Hilariously Messed Up: The Craigslist Engagement Ring 


I can't stop playing this scene out in my mind in a variety of ways... if the dude was smart, he would have captured this on video and gave us all something super awesome to watch. I have so many questions... so many.

Check out the [ craigslist ad ] thanks [ geekologie ]