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Best Tutorial Yet: How to Insert a Tampon

Egg smashing, baby dolls, food destruction... all the stuff you need to know when inserting a tampon.

"Inserting it correctly can be the difference between life & death, where removing it incorrectly could result in a yolky mess. I highly suggest you watch this video very carefully and take notes."


SHARKINI: The Swimsuit that Looks Like a Shark Attack

Sharks... they BITE the heck out of you. They will rip your guts out, spill your blood, make you scream, leave you topless and come at you for more. \m/ Now, you can go to the beach looking like a giant shark mouth and swim around saying "I'm a shark, suck my diiiiiiiiiiiick".

You can score one [ here ] and if you are Hite, click [ here ].

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Insidious Toilet Lipstick-Face Demon Attack is the Worst Way to GO

Can you think of anything more horrifying than being butt destroyed by a demon while sitting on the ole' crapper? Crafter morganwloebel made this awesomely disturbing sculpture inspired by the lipstick faced demon from the first insidious film.

Thanks buddy, I am pretty sure everyone seeing this is never going to sit on a toilet again. Except for Hite, he LIVES (and dies) on the toilet. Read on...

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Mortal Kombat Flipbook - Hand-Drawn Jax vs Shang Tsung Battle

Go three rounds of brutal fighting in this incredible flip book animation of Jax fighting Shang Tsung. It was hand-drawn by Etoilec1 who is no stranger to spending an enormous amount of his time creating quite the insane collection of pen-to-paper animations.



Total Badass Bear Gets Hit By a Car and Simply Walks it off

Russian bears are tough as nails. You can hit them with your car and they just walk away like they are filled to the brim with magical badass vodka powers.

\m/ BEAR \m/


Total Stupid Moron Dumbass Tries to Break a Car Window with His Head

Think your day was rough? Had to deal with a ton of shit. I bet your head hurts BAD.

Watch this video and somehow... it all gets better.


Mysterious 'Sea Monster' Corpse Washes onto the Beaches of New Zealand

What in the hell is this rotting beast corpse of the seas?! This mystery monster washed on the the Pukehina Beach in the Bay of Plenty, NZ a few weeks back and no one seems to know what it is. I think it's a radiated sea chipmunk.

Read on to watch another video slideshow of the monster!

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Ridiculous Wolverine Weapon X Claw Body Piercings

Take some surgical pins, start jamming them into your arms / hands and you too can become weapon x AKA wolverine.


Watch this Insanely Badassed Quadruple Roundhouse Kick

That is some Street Fighter skills right there. Watch this dude land a quadruple jumping round house kick proving that he is way tougher than you and everyone else you know four times over.


This Might be the Angriest Talking Cat You Will See Today

Cats are known for getting pissed off (angry). Well, this orange haired fellow is getting pissed and talking some serious smack. What is is saying... NO IDEA... all I know is that its bad, real BAD.

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The Most Enormous Table Full of McDonald's French Fries You Will Ever See

Leave it to those South Koreans to take over an entire section at McDonald's and fill it to the brim with the most generous portion of fries you will ever see.



Thousands of Hovering Sky Spiders Invade Brazilian Town

Just look at all those SPIDERS prancing around the telephone poles like a magic hovering spider squadron. For some reason, they all decided to make their web up in the wires giving the illusion that they are suspended in the air spinning the stuff of nightmares.

"Hundreds (maybe thousands) of spiders congregate between poles in the town of Santo Antonio de Plantina, Brazil."

Get down from there spiders (and Hite), you are all drunk.