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Just Look at this Speeding Car Window Demon Dog

Dogs LOVE to stick their heads out the car window and....

transform into an eyeless hound from hell!


Homeless Hero Hitchhiker Kai SMASHES Self-Proclaimed Jesus with Hatchet

"I'm Jesus Christ and I can do anything I f*cking want to."

That's what was some 6' foot tall and 300-400 pound crazy person claimed to be as he hits and pins an innocent PG&E worker with his car. Until our true saviour, a homeless fellow named Kai saved the day with some Hulk style *SMASH SMASH SMAAAAAMASH* to Jesus' head with a freakin' hatchet.

Today homeless Kai, you are a hero.


Bloodsucker Moms! Care to Adopt a Creepy Realistic Vampire Baby Doll?

Are you the type that relates to the blood craving nightwalker? Are you tired of "living" through century after century without birthing a child of your own? You feel DAMNED. Then these crazy realistic infant / baby dolls by the Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery might be for you!

Each doll is full of fangs, hand-made, one of a kind and if you read on you can see MORE.

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Man Simultaneously Watches Police Pursuit on TV and Live Out His Window

For some reason, Jason Lee was video recording a hot persuit on TV until he noticed something very strange... it was happening right outside his freakin' window... "holy shit!" he screams... holy shit is right buddy.

Awesome Moments in the Space-Time Continuum


WTF IS THIS?!? Spaghetti Monster Erupts from Dead Spider


Don't worry, it's its not an alien... it's a nematode or commonly known as a roundworm that found it's way into a spider and now wants to destroy all of life on Earth.

Thanks to Jason who once had a roundworm as a pet until the roundworm escaped and made HIM the pet.


SO CLOSE! Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch a Toddler

Just think of it as an Eagle recreating scenes from LOTR / The Hobbit. Fantasy cosplaying is all.

Anyway, this was amazingly captured on camera up in Montreal, Canada where apprantly people are giving away small children to massive birds of prey.

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Carl's Jr 12x12x12 'Once in a Deathtime' Bacon Cheeseburger

Remember December 12th, 2012? Well, for shitsngiggles, Carl's Jr. decided to craft up this lovely 9000 calorie 12 beef patty, 12 slices of cheese and 12 strips of bacon beauty to commemorate the day.


Wait, But They Look SOOO Real! Amazing Anamorphic Illusions

You have seen those awesome 3D chalk drawings, but check out these household objects that appear to be completely real and sitting on that desk. (hint: they are not)

Your mind will wobble from the trickery your own eyes play on it.


Defending the Universe in an Amazing Five Person Voltron Costume!

Consisting of five separate lion costumes, each suit actually comes together and forms one giant mega Voltron costume. The costume was created Crazy Ray in a garage over two months of cutting, gluing, fiberglassing, sewing, liquid plastic coating, riveting, bolting and painting for Halloween. Super 80s nostalgia achieved.

Read on to see it in it's awesome full detail.

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The Bacon Cheeseburger Bloody Mary is a Hangover Meal

We have seen some impressive bloody marys in the past, but this fully loaded bacon cheeseburger bloody mary with a sprecher beer kicker might be the breakfast of drunkards that we have been looking for.

You can snag one of these beauties from Sobelman’s Pub and Grill in Milwaukee.


Kick Back and Watch Flesh Eating Beetles Eat Some Birds to the Bone

Ever wonder how you get a bird skeleton to look so nice and white? BEETLES.

"Watch a time-lapse video showing the [ Natural History Museum's ] smallest workers, flesh-eating beetles, preparing the skeletons of a great green macaw, tawny owl and mountain peacock-pheasant"

Chemical baths can actually ruin the bones, so flesh eating beetles are used to do the job of eating away at the delicious hunks of meat rendering the skeleton clean and ready to be showcased to the public. Talk about the easiest job ever. Pay me to eat? SIGN ME UP.


Flyin' Dirty: Dangerously Badass Airplane Mud Takeoff

Somewhere in Russia this Antonov AN-24 in UTair Aviation livery performing 'extreme' takeoff.

From what we can see, this plan is taking off in a snowy mud filled landing strip that would normally stop most in it's tracks and result in one hell of a cleaning bill. Apparently, these old Russian planes were made to fly through anything like a tanks while you yell "I'm the Juggernaut BITCH!" out the window.

Want to see what it looked like onboard the plane? Hint: muddy.

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