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Insanely Lucky Basketball Shot From Tower Might Be World's Highest

After 20 (only 20) attempts at making this shot, this extraordinarily lucky Finnish fellow makes a 900 point game winning shot from the top of a ski jump tower. Go play some lottery tickets kid and send me a check.

"Ski jump tower shot. Height was 230ft which is 70m up! World highest shot?
Shot was filmed in Lahti, Finland."


Father Builds a 125cc Engine Baby Stroller with a Top Speed of 50mph

This is a baby stroller built on a 125cc engine that is capable of getting a father by the name of Colin Furze and his one-month-old son Jake up to wreckless speeds of around 50mph. \m/ The stroller comes equipped with 4 gears to help with hill climbing and a cup holder for cold beer that gives him courage to drive such a brutally awesome contraption.

Thanks go right to Hite for showing me this rocket stroller and really helping me with my own personal fertility issues. You have the softest hands around buddy.

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Dude Pulls of Insane Dodge Ball TRON Move and Kill

Ok, what you have here is a bunch of guys playing some highschool dodge ball until one of them steps up and pulls off some acrobatic move you'd see on the grid. Trust me, the replay in slow motion makes it LEGIT.

Thanks to Jason who once jumped a curb with his Dodge pickup truck and killed a highschooler while playing with his balls.

Close enough.


I Can Buy?!? Liquor That Trickles Over The Breasts of Sexy Ladies

Do you like Vodka? Whiskey? How about Rum? Well, would you drink them after they were dripped down the breasts of naked women for about $150 a bottle? Answer: Yes.

German booze company, G-Spirits, wanted to sell 5000 limited edition boob-dripping bottles that REALLY enhances the boozing-up process by making you believe you are sucking on a delicious naked woman. And this time, she is ALIVE.

Read on to see a making of the boob booze video.

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Full-Size Glass AR-15 Pipe Will Assault Your Mind with Smoke

The gun you smoke before it smokes you.

Yes, this is a 34" long x 16" high x 7" deep, borosilicate glass pipe made to look like a AR-15. The bowl itself is located atop the ACOG scope, the pistol grip is the water reserve and seemingly smoked from the end of the barrel. It was crafted by mickelsen studios and if you read on you can see it in full awesome detail.

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Hangover CURED: A Bloody Mary With Bacon, Tater Tots, Steak and Eggs

Called the 'Bloody Best' this ridiculously awesome breakfast tomato juice vodka cocktail is loaded with tater tots, steak tips, bacon, eggs, blue-cheese-stuffed olives and slurped down with a meat straw. Where do you get one?! They are located at 'The Nook' in Atlanta, GA.

[ source ] via [ Midiex ]


Olympic Swimmers Horrifically De-synchronized into Demon Zombies

Olympic synchronized swimmers completely transformed into vile demons with the help of photo manipulation technology. Swim on and see them all at the same time covered in demon zombie blood.

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Crazy 'Boobs of Steel' Girl Terrifyingly Walks Building Top of Doom

I don't know what is more dizzying, the cleavage or the horrific distance to the ground. Sit back and watch some russian jibber-jabber in a head cam while negotiating her way around the steel beams of a really tall building with absolutely no safety harnesses while giving us first person point of view. *deep breath* It's like we are REALLY THERE with those huge craycray mammaries of tough!

Thanks to Jason for the boobs up on this terrifyingly cool video of 'Double D' level of uncomfortableness.


Unbelievable Custom 'Dark Knight' Movie Theater For Rich People

Have a bazillion million dollars? ME TOO (in a Gotham City bank account). Well then, how about getting this badass Dark Knight batcave movie theater installment and impress all your cool friends that love you for your personality.

The room you see above is a concept centered around those chairs by Elite Home Theater Seating putting you in front of a giant TV that you will never, ever walk away from (without a batarang in your gut).

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]


Wait... Did that Seagull Just Snag and Eat a Live Bird? A: Yup

The rumors are true... seagulls will eat anything.




In Soviet Russia Dropping a Live Grenade off a Boat Explodes You

Hold... hold... HOOOOLLLLDDDD...

OK drop it ! BOOOOOOOOM.


Unbelievable KR01 Giant Kuratas Battle Mech with Gatling Guns

 Let the futuristic robot wars begin! Weighing in at over 4 tons, this 13 foot tall, iphone controlled mechwarrior robot exoskeleton wields twin gatling guns and is ready to destroy everything on planet Earth with a smile... literally.

The million dollar human piloted robot was unveiled by Suidobashi Heavy Industry at the Wonder Festival in Tokyo, Japan.

Currently, the gatling guns fire airsoft style BB rounds at 6000 rounds per minute all when the pilot "smiles".

Read on to see more of this beast and even a few videos of it being unveiled and in action.

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