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Behold the 'Turtlegasm': Or, How I Am Put to Shame By a Turtle's Peen

"God damn, what is that son of a bitch?"

"That's his pee pee."

And what a pee pee it is!!! Did you ever think you would watch a turtle blast out a bucket load of DNA so impressively that you need to wipe down your computer screen?

Answer: YES (This turtle is... a hero)


Dude Scares His Wife With The Old 'Truck is Coming at Us' Trick

Hahahawesome. Scaring wives is a personal past-time of mine and this dude does it pro.



Close Encounters with a Surprise "Big Ass Shark" !

Wooo hooo !!!! Just fishin' away on the docks... reeling in my fish.. then.. whammo holy shit whoa oh jesus christ... it's a big ass shark !!


The Jawsome Great White Shark Bench Attack

Would you sit your butt down within the mouth of a shark attack? Damn right, you are tough as nails.

Sure sitting on the shark bench would make you rather uncomfortable, but mostly it would make you so tired that you want to go home. You would be so tired and you wanna go to bed... you had a little drink about an hour ago and it went straight to your head.

The shark bench is on display at shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

Above photo was taken by Pornchai Kittiwongsakul.


Rainbow Unicorn Fetus Jello Mold Tattoo is Weird and Magical

Unicorns have to start off as a fetus just like the rest of us magical creatures gestating in happy jello molds. This tattoo was created by Noelle LaMonica of Divine Machine Tattoo in Buffalo NY.

[ source ] via [ fyeahtattoos ]


Super Moonwalking Defies the Laws of Everything

Super moonwalk so hard it looks like you are moonrunning.


You Mad Bro? Raging British Man Smashes Up Manchester T-Mobile Shop

"Man smashes up T-mobile Shop Manchester [England] on Market Street."

Sick of your phone service? SO IS THIS GUY. Bam smash kick punch pull FIRE EXTINGUISH bite spit *eff you samsung galaxy* bash *magenta!!!* rip scream thwack!

Apparently, (and this is true) he was unhappy about being refused a refund on his contract.

His name is Jason Codner, he is 42. In Life, the Universe and Everything, Codner, a man who knows all that is true, confirms that 42 is indeed 'The Answer'.

[ news source ]


Insane 'Black Knight' Hummer H2 with Machine Guns / Explosives

Nothing screams "I want to destroy the living shit out of everything that moves and then run it over while dropping some grenades to finish it off" like a fully loaded Hummer H2 equipped with every god damn piece of weaponry known to man. Ohhh and if you want to party, it lights up with a disco laser show within the cab that will go well with jamming buckets of blow into your face. Praise Jesus.

That's not all... this fantasy ride called 'Black Knight' also boasts a sick-as-hell paint job of dragons and swords with a demon knight on the wheel cover. OK... just read on, LOOK and pull out your wallet, because it's going for the low low price of $55k.

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Find a Grenade in the Forest: Pull the Pin, Microwave it and Burn it

This dude on 4chan finds himself a rusty old "presumably live" grenade in the forest. What does he do? Pull the pin? That is only the start of it... it gets even MORE hilariously uncomfortable.

Read on, grow some balls and smack it with a hammer.

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Garbage Pail Kids 'Orrible OZZY Card Full Back Tattoo

Put the awesomely garbage-filled '80s right on your back PERMANENTLY. Now meet Glen. Glen decided to take his back and turn it into this masterpiece of 'Orrible Ozzy, which is appropriately named after his son... Ozzy (who might also be a giant lizard). That is some amazing godzilla-esque dedication to parenting we have here and this dude has the back of fire breathing destruction to prove it.

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]


The Raid: Watch These Claymation Cats Go On a Shooting Rampage

Based on the action film "The Raid" these claymation cats are gunning each other down in this badass gorefest of ultra-clay-violence.


Goatse Coffee Mug: Your Morning Coffee Just Got Stretched Open

How do you like your coffee? Hot and sweet? Extra cream? Black? Either way, these goatse mugs are guaranteed to get you up and moving with your morning brew of choice. Each mug is hand-crafted by Patton Pottery and you can snag one [ here ] for 40 gaping bucks.

[ source ] via [ ihstwoti ]