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This Gun Wound Skull Tattoo Makes Me Want to Blow My Brains Out

 Gun wounds to the head are NO JOKE. Seriously, I have seen it in the movies and not even the most battle-hardened zombie can get up from one. So what do you think? Would you shave your head and prance around town like you don't have or WANT a life? Either way, this is kinda badass looking and you know it.


The All-New "F*ck You" Pizza From Pizza Hut (Looks Delicious)

From KFC mashed potatoes and Taco Bell Doritos tacos locos to BK whoppers, this F*CK YOU pizza from Pizza Hut has it all (and seriously MUCH MUCH MORE). AHHHHHH anal leakage.

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High Speed Mountain Biking Down Mountain Steps is Horrifically Awesome


Think you have balls of steel? Trying jumping on a mountain bike and going full force down the steps of a mountain in Monserrate, Bogota.

RedBull Devotos de Monserrate 2012

Seriously, press play... watch... and keep on saying "holy shit" over and over again.

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Human Centipede Breast Tattoo Asks "What Would Jesus Do?"

What WOULD Jesus do?

Mouth > Butt > Mouth > Butt > Mouth.... Obviously.

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This Bee Skull Tattoo on a Bald Headed Girl is Quite Gnarly

Nothing says to the world "I LOVE BEES SO HARDCORE!!!" than getting one inked onto the entirety of your skull. The tattoo was done by Volko Merschky from Buena Vista Tattoo Club and slapped on the dome of some German girl. Some BADASS German girl that wants to pollenate things.

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Giant Spider Eats Snake

Snake... nature's legless and armless floor demon. VS. Spider... nature's eight legged web spinning creeper.



Enormous 1050 Pieces of Bacon Burger King Cheeseburger

Behold: The world's largest pile of bacon to ever grace a Burger King cheeseburger. In fact, there are 1050 pieces jammed in that mess and if you read on, you can watch some dude attempt to eat it.

Attempting to eat almost $100 worth of bacon. Ready and.... GO.

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25 Years of Lindsay Lohan's Changing Face in a 60 Second Morph

"A photo morph video showing the changes in Lindsay Lohan's face over her short life. The shocking effects of drugs and alcohol on one of Hollywood's brightest rising stars."

You can look at this in a number of exhilarating ways, but one thing is for certain... drugs make you famous (if you were a child star who dove right into the mouth of madness as an adult).


Zombie Frogs Underwater Ballet is Full of Weird Musical Science

OK... just to prep you for this video, it IS a bit strange, but in a "zombie cyborg frog" sort of way. These frogs are hooked up to a MIDI controller and when the beat hits, the frog is pumped with just enough electricity to garner a twitchy reaction. So, kick back with your headphones on and watch one of the weirdest ballets you might ever need to see.

Note: Dead frog bodies originally used in a medical dissection experiment were re-used for this work.

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Liberate Donatello! Live "Turtle in a Pouch" Keychains

OK, what in the gosh darn tootin' heck is going on here China?! First, you put peepee in my coke and now you put little turtles in keychain bags?! NOT FUNNY. Apparently, the water is enriched with nutrients allowing the turtle to live about 2 months in it's little bag home. Some people are saying this is fake.. and to be honest, let's hope so, because turtles need to be either in a big tank, a lake/pond or my soup. NOT in little pouches!

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UK's "The Swarm" RollerCoaster is so Badass it Might Rip You Apart

"The UK's first winged rollercoaster, THE SWARM takes you on a death defying flight through apocalyptic devastation."

Apparently, this coaster is so crazy that even some of the test dummies are coming back missing limbs. What?!!? Yep. The new "winged" coaster allows the rider to swing freely as it blasts you around war scenarios at around 62 glorious MPH. So, if you are a brave and rediculously tough soul, go visit Thorpe Park this spring and hold onto your body parts.

Read on for more and a video of it in action..

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Dude Makes a Full-Scale Tank Out of 5,000 Egg Cartons

Eggs are so freakin' AWESOME. Look, I know what you are thinking... eggs come in cartons and then you take those cartons (with eggs removed, of course) shape them up with about 26 liters of glue into a full scale tank that you can need to sit on. What?! Holy Christshit... eggs rule.

This tank you see here is the brainchild of an egghead named Stuart Murdoch. No joke... I would have sex with that tank.

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