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Halloween Superhero Costumes for your Guinea Pig, Hamster or Chinchilla

Have a rodent as a pet? Dress that little shit up in these awesome superhero outfits and score every bit of candy on the block.


Fruit Ninja: The Warrior Baby with Watermelon Armor

The easiest way to send your child into battle is craft up some armor and weapons out of an ordinary watermelon and kick that tough little bastard (watermelon boy) right out the door and into the seedless fight.


A Suit of Armor for Your Medievil Pet Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are tough. Tough as nails. Give that guinea pig  a suit of goddamn armor and that furry little shit can defeat dragons like pro. Well, like an armored up guinea pig pro.

Update: I have been drinking and watching hockey. I called this guinea pig a hamster and I am very... very sorry.


The Best Possible Lightsaber Jedi Badonkadonk You Will See Right Now

Lady Jedi Knights seem to get better and better looking. Reason: Glowing keesters.


Croaking Beautiful: Just Look at this Little Frog in a Dress

"...and she was the most beautiful girl at the dance"

A frog in a dress... I don't know if I should kiss it or lick it. Yeah... BOTH.


OMG CUTE: Would You Just Look at this Sleepy Baby Duck

Look at this little baby duck just trying so hard to stay awake while some woman is in the background yammering on about goddamn nonsense.

Thanks to Jacjac for the heads up. She is a lady that likes watching things sleep and then poking her fingers into their mouths when they yawn. She is a demon.


Fem Gambit Cosplay: You Can Drain My Energy Any Time, Chère

Here is a version of Gambit as a lady by the hyper good looking Nadyasonika and photo by ASphotography.


Romance: A Sloth and Her Slave Cat Hug it Out

"Sloth and her best friend Daisy"

What I like about this video is that the cat is named Daisy and the sloth is named... SLOTH.


AT-AT Walker Walker for 4 Year Old Kid

Stephanie Kaloi's 4-year-old son recently had to undergo knee surgery. Poor little fella right? Well, to make things easier on him, his mother had cartoonist Ben Dewey apply some creativity to his walker and converted that tired old reminder of physical pain into the awesomeness of a Star Wars AT-AT walker... walker.

offbeatfamilies.com ] via [ neatorama ]


Video Game and Sci-fi Dr. Seuss Children's Book Covers

How incredible are these Dr. Seuss made into video games and sci-fi book covers?! They were created by DrFaustusau and if you go to his gallery [ here ] you can check all of them out.

"What is this place?
I cannot tell.
Is it just fog,
or is it hell?"


Metal Gear Solid Lady Snake Cosplay Will Make Your Solid Snake SOLID

Check out this superhot genderbending Solid Snake cosplay by Crystal Graziano. I mean seriously, I used the word 'solid' in the title three times... and I meant it. 

Read on to see more... trust me.

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The R2-D2 Bra that Lights Up and Makes R2 Beeping Sounds

Someone get me a lady STAT! This painted paper mache twin R2-D2 is loaded with electronics ripped from old R2 toys and is fully operational ONLY when supporting Double-D sized mammary glands. Apparently, when you poke the nips, you get a fun sound effect!

Poke Poke Poke.

Go here to instructables to learn exactly how to make one for yourself (or for the pretty lady accross the hall that you have never actually met or talked to, but I am pretty sure she likes you and wants to watch Star Wars with you all day while listening to heavy metal and eating microwaveable burritos). Oh God, I just described myself.