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Get Lost in this MASSIVE Doctor Who Corn Maze

To celebrate 50 time traveling years of Doctor Who, YORK MAZE decided to make a corn maze into the shape of a giant Dalek (300 meters).


CONTAMINATE! A Dalek Grown in Bacteria on a Petri Dish

Biological sciences will conquer and destroy!!!

Who-lligan decided to make a dangerous Dalek out of E. coli (yes, that E.. coli) in a petri dish. Contaminate!


Well Break My Time Traveling Bones: It's a Tardis Cast!

Doctor Who comes to aid of a broken arm on Laura Keeney. The cast was inked up into this awesome tardis by artist Zak Kinsella. Time traveling power fist!


It's About Carbonated TIME! The Tardis Soda Machine!

Even time travelers get thirsty! Epic comics in Orlando, FL took their soda machine and converted it into the Tardis! This might be the awesomest soda machine conversion in the history of planet Earth or Earth 2.

Read on to see more and some photos of the build...

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Build a Custom Doctor Who 'Crack in the Universe' for Your Bedroom Wall

When you are leaving in a world of cracked mirrors and tangled wires then you must be close to a crack in the universe. This was a custom crafted battery powered LED array that was built by a roommate of "a dude" that casts a nice glow on the wall that you can enter and erase anyone from history.

Read on to see more of the innards.

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Custom 'Doctor Who' Tardis Time Machine Control Room

When you are in need of some telephone booth style time traveling, you will most definitely need a control center, crazyfoalrus aka Jayman White knew this and over the course of a year, he built his own. See you somewhere in time buddy.

Read on for more views of the room.

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Glowing Steampunk Doctor Who Cybermen Custom Leather Mask

Whoa! Now you too can be a cyberman from Doctor Who, but THIS TIME you can do it in cyber glowing steampunk fashion. Is that even possible?!

"This Original Mask is hand crafted and molded from sturdy 8/9 oz Veg Tan Leather. The Under-Mask is made from 5 oz Oiled (Suede) Leather. Battery Powered EL Wire run throughout the mask to give that amazing glow effect.. " Read on to see it in glowing action.

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Doctor Who Coffin: Be a Time Lord Right into Death

Bury me with my dalek!!! When you finally decide to die, make sure you get buried in style with this fully wrapped Doctor Who designed coffin . For those who cannot afford their very own TARDIS, I suppose this is the next best thing. Leave planet Earth in style like the doctor you are.

[ creative coffins ] via [ nerd approved ]


Dalek Pumpkin for your Post-Halloween Goodness


The Doctor would be scared shitless to see this on anyone's porch. It took over 7 hours to complete this masterpiece of a pumpkin carving. Quick, find a sofa ! Hide!

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