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New Zealand Mints Legal Tender 'Doctor Who' Silver Coin

In celebration of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary, the New Zealand Mint has decided to print up 10,000 limited edition $2 silver Tardis coins that will officially launch at the World Money Fair in Berlin on February 1. You can get your hands on one for $155 when the time is right.

"This depicts an engraved relief of the iconic TARDIS used by the Doctor to travel through time and space. This bursts forth out of a dynamic high quality colour printed background representing time travel."


Build a Custom Doctor Who 'Crack in the Universe' for Your Bedroom Wall

When you are leaving in a world of cracked mirrors and tangled wires then you must be close to a crack in the universe. This was a custom crafted battery powered LED array that was built by a roommate of "a dude" that casts a nice glow on the wall that you can enter and erase anyone from history.

Read on to see more of the innards.

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Glowing Steampunk Doctor Who Cybermen Custom Leather Mask

Whoa! Now you too can be a cyberman from Doctor Who, but THIS TIME you can do it in cyber glowing steampunk fashion. Is that even possible?!

"This Original Mask is hand crafted and molded from sturdy 8/9 oz Veg Tan Leather. The Under-Mask is made from 5 oz Oiled (Suede) Leather. Battery Powered EL Wire run throughout the mask to give that amazing glow effect.. " Read on to see it in glowing action.

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