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Wearable Circuit Board Dragons

Have some old circuit boards laying around? Convert them into dragons! Amanda aka thebluekraken spent some time crafted up this slick brooches that have opals for eyes and electricity for blood.


The Ball Joint Dragon Fits Right in the Palm of Your Hand

Check out this simple, but cutely awesome hand-crafted dragon that is made from ball joints. If you want one (yes you do) you can hit up the creator [ here ].


Unbelievably Detailed Skyrim Frost Dragon Made from Paper

I am not sure I understand how this was constructed out of paper. The level of detail on this papercrafted frost dragon Viinturuth sculpture is well beyond outstanding. Pro tip: Use fire to defeat this dragon.

Read on to see more pics and prepare to scratch your head with a vorpal blade in amazement.

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Mysterious 'Bone Dragon' Caught in the China Sea

Quick! Throw lightning forged spears into the sea!

Raymond Young, a fisherman of 35 illustrious years, found himself a massive 11 foot long set of mysterious bones that look like could have been a dragon of the sea. Most people think that this is a frilled shark skeleton, but this time, I am going to stand with the Chinese and claim it's the remains of a magical dragon.

Read on to see more and watch a video

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Do Want: Steampunk Dragon Coffee Table

Dragons and steampunk go together like coffee and tables.

"The dragon has excellent detailing, from the gears, coils and pivots that make up the dragon's Cyborg like body to the faux oxidation on the bronze finished parts. It is hand-painted. The table measures 15 inches tall, 21 inches wide and 35 inches long, with a 1/4 inch thick glass top."

Oh, go ahead and read on to see more of it.

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Lord of the Rings Smaug Pizza Dragon

One of the last and fiercest of the dragons found in middle-earth, the Smaug pizza hordes pepperoni, cheese and pesto treasures.


Halloween Bearded Dragon... Dragon

Come to think of it, bearded dragons SHOULD have wings. Read on for a few more...

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Impressively Awesome Watermelon Dragon Carving

There are dragon watermelon carving sculptures and there is THIS dragon watermelon carving sculpture and yep, it really is pretty freakin' amazing. It was hand-crafted by Shawn Feeney of the Invisible Underground, which is his home of fruit carvings, vegetable sculptures, and edible alchemy.

Read on to see more.

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Taxidermied Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent Dragon Trophy Wall Mount

Put Maleficent as a trophy kill right on your wall as a green LED glowing wall mounted head. This hand-crafted custom sculpture was created by Dan Reeder who is an expert at paper mache and making things that are extraordinarily badass.

Break out your sword and read on to see larger views.

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CD Shards Make For One Cool Rainbow Dragon Sculpture

This is one professional busted-up CD shard crafting project that apparenly took "forever" to complete. If there is one thing I know about forever, is that it is a LONG LONG time. Regardless, this cool dragon sure is colorful, full of fantasy and obviously, it was forever well spent.

Fantasy rainbow dragons are goddamn badass.

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Custom Dragon Beer Steins are Designed to Absorb Your Drunken Soul

Beer + Dragon Head Mug = drunk and breathing fire at anyone who comes within range. Come to think of it... all you really need is the beer in order to do that, but at least with a dragon beer stein, you will feel WAY more badass about it.

[ source ] via [ i <3 chaos ]


A Real Fire Breathing LEGO Dragon Named FireStorm

Akama1_lego put together this relatively badass LEGO dragon that actually "breathes" fire! Pretty sweet little construction that can guard my piles of cold coins and trinkets any day. Read on to see more and a video of this dragon in action.

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