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Does it Breathe Fire?! Highly Collectible 'Bacon Dragon' for a $1000

Would you like to own a 'highly collectible' piece of bacon shaped like a dragon for a the low price of $1000? Well, this guy would like you to sell you one! The Bacon Dragon is slightly larger than a coin and will probably make you sick if you eat it, but you just spent $1000 on a piece of bacon... so you should put the bacon dragon into your mouth (or rectum) immediately.

"I Present you The legendary "Bacon Dragon" Born in November 9, 2012 in Phoenix, AZ. One of a kind Formation, The Bacon has spoken! This Bacon Art has Not been treated with anything nor manipulated to its form. This is Perfect for your Dragon or Bacon collection!"

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Bacon Kevin Bacon: A Statue of Kevin Bacon Made From BACON

Well, the most obvious use of bacon has finally been brought to humanity. The most wildly inventive (slight sarcasm) artist ever, has decided to take a ridiculous amount of delicious morning meat candy and transform it into everyone's favorite actor, Kevin Bacon. This is a life-sized bust and they SAY that you are unable to eat it. Yeah, you try and stop me. 

Have some spare change sitting around. Well, you can go bid on the Kevin Bacon Statue on Ebay. From what they claim, it's for charity. Click on for more greasy pics.

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