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The Necronomicon Bikini is an Evil Swimsuit of the Dead

"Klaatu Bikini Nikto"

Hey ladies! How would you like to get your evil little body to the beach in this custom necronomicon ex mortis bikini and raise some hell?! The brazillian style suit was hand-crafted out of silicon and power mesh by Bloodlust Productions that you can snag [ here ].

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Like Chainsaws and Blood? Watch the Evil Dead Redband Trailer

Being that these are sacred movies to me, I have been VERY worried about Evil Dead being remade for a modern audience. My test for a good horor film is that my wife Jacjac wants me to turn it off... and let me tell you this one made her look away, start to cry and then she removed her own tongue with a steak knife. Test passed.

The overall amount of blood and demonic gore in this film looks outstanding. It comes to us in the theaters April 12, 2013.


Evil Dead Bento Box is Sushi Done Horrifically Right

I'll swallow your soul!!! I'll swallow your soul!!! I'll swallow your soul!!!


This awesome sushi rice portrait of the famous Evil Dead old lady locked under the stairs scene is spot on amazing food craftsmanship.

Spotted at [ kotaku ]


Bloody Awesome Army of Darkness Chainsaw Birthday Cake

Chainsaws are one of mankind's greatest inventions. They can successfully remove those pesky trees that always seem to get in the way of your new condo development, scare unwanted visitors away from your corpse filled Texas ranch, and most importantly remove that demon possessed hand that keeps trying to kill you. Believe it or not, this is a birthday cake and you can actually eat it (with your face).

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