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Fan-Made Batmobile with Real Turbine Jet Engine and Ipad NAV/GPS

The engine in this 20 foot long Putsch Racing Batmobile is a Military Boeing turboshaft helicopter engine that blasts out fire just like the real deal batmobile we all know and love. Na, na, na, na, na BATMAN! The overall horsepower of this beast is around 385 and is actually street legal. For a fan-built project, this is one of the sickest I have yet to see. 

Read on to see more close-up pics and a video of this batmobile in action.

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Giant Scrap Metal Fan-Made Transformers Sculptures

Chinese metalworking superhero, "steel legend" apparently had MORE crazy awesome transformers statues that he made from scrap metal laying around, in fact, he has an entire army of them. If you remember the megatron tank from a bit ago, it is  the same fellow.

Read on to see all the pics, they will delight.

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Fan Made Green Lantern Poster is Awesomeness

James White is pissed. He is so mad about the latest Green Lantern posters that he decided to make his own. I admit, his is better... far better... way better. 

"I honestly believe the Green Lantern logo in terms of design is ranked at third across the entire DC Universe trumped only by Superman and Batman, and the ring is by far the most iconic element of this hero."

What's nice about this, is that the design seems to treat the ring as if it was a light saber owned by a Jedi Knight (or equally powerful of a being). Glowy, powerful, and yet, genuinely comic book in style. Very cool.

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