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The Asidus "Moon Melon" is a Fruit We All Want, But Cannot Have

"This a Moonmelon , scientifically knows as asidus

This fruit grows in some parts of Japan , and it’s known for it’s weird blue color what you probably don’t know about this fruit , is that it can switch flavors after you eat it , everything sour will taste sweet, and everything salty will taste bitter and it gives water a strong orange-like taste, this fruit is Very expensive , and it coasts about ¥16000 JPY (which is about 200 dollars)" - internet

Unfortunately, this is false melon! I figured if you are the type of person to read Obvious Winner, then you are the type of person who might come across this and WANT it BAD (just like how I did). Sadly, this delicious blue melon is just a photoshop job, BUT if you are a scientist, please make note that thousands upon thousands of people want this to be a real summer treat.

I love a good hoax.


Instantly Watch and Listen to Bacon Indefinitely Frying 

Simply click the bacon and enjoy the bacon sizzle cam. Thanks Cody / Erik for the heads up!


Bacon Horse Head Wall Mounted Sculpture

First we got Bacon Roses, now have have the Bacon Horse Head. This meat (200 dollars worth of bacon/prosciutto) sculpture was created for the bacon competition of at instructables. But wait, what the hell is this?!?!! It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

[ source ]


How to Create Bacon Roses for Your Morning Loved Ones

Ever want to know how to create bacon roses? Well if so, today is your lucky day! *insert hooray* You can start by going [ here ] then off to the grocery and the hardware store. Yes, the hardware store, bacon roses need some power-drilling love.

Note: this is part of a bacon contest on instructables where you can win yourself a fancy ipad 2. I might want to win that, cause I love bacon.

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EpicMealTime: Three Goat Headed Bacon Wrapped Cerberus Meal 

They call this beast of a meal the "Puzzle of the Lambs" and it might be their finest work yet. Combining goat parts of all kind mixed with bacon/ground lamb meat, wrap it with more bacon and add three goat skulls.  Cerberus! When finished, wash it all down with a bacon jack and coke. Dear God that is amazing and I can only imagine how good it tastes.


Ba-zooka: The Bacon Wrapped Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher


"The BA-Zooka is capable of launching model rockets and summer sausages and is powered by an eight pack of AA batteries."

Read on to see more pics and even a video of the bacon bazooka in action.

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Pass the Fire Sauce: The Taco Bell Birthday Cake is AWESOME

The “shells” are made of rolled out snicker-doodle dough with chocolate jimmies throughout for the “flecks.” The inner cake is a frosted chocolate round, cut in half. The lettuce is coconut that has been doctored with green food coloring, the tomatoes are diced up Twizzlers, cheese is rolled out and julienned orange Starbursts and the sour cream is made from giant melted marshmallows.

This beauty was made by Laura LeClair Kelley for her 12 year old son's birthday and he better have loved the hell out of it. I am sure he did.

[ source ] via [ iheartchaos ]


Beer Marshmallows Sweets For Your Valentine's Day Sweetheart

Mmmmmm.... Beermallows.... a perfect way to start a Monday morning love affair. These little confections are made at truffle truffle and might be a Valentine's Day treat for the decade. They are made with beer !

"They've taken their handmade marshmallows, dipped them in chocolate, and dusted them with beer-and-pretzel brittle."

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Ham Solo in CandyBaronite is Han Solo in Bacon Chocolate Carbonite

Bacon and chocolate is a very odd unison indeed, but oddly it works and can taste pretty delicious. Booturtle (awesome name btw) here has decided to take that concept and bring it into our glorious Star Wars universe by placing Han Solo into a homemade chocolate carbonite candy bar.

Thanks Brad for the heads up, you are sofa king cool today.

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Pass the Crushed Red Pepper, The Iron Man Pizza

Cheese, pepperoni Armor, onion power core, black olive rivets, pureed black olive outlines and a whole lot of love.

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World of Warcraft Cakes are a Blizzard of Sweet Impressiveness

Rachael High 
Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

"Nom, nom, nom... mrglmrglmrglmrgl!!! (Deep-sea murloc cake.)"

Here are all the winners for the 2010 Blizzard Holiday Contest. Read on to see them all, and they certainly are impressive.

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Starbucks New Trenta Sized Drinks Can Really Fill Your Stomach

Yes, Starbucks is stupid as hell with their stupid as hell drink size naming system. If/when I go to a Starbucks (I admit those caramel frozen shake things are really tasty), I ask for a small, medium or large... just like any normal person with half a caffeinated brain should.

Now, they are adding a new huge cup of liquid to their menu called the TRENTA. As you can see, the average capacity of the adult human stomach is going to have to devolve and grow to about twice the size in order to handle the new fat person drinks.

These beasts will be released May 3rd. So start prepping your guts now.

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