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Evil Sandwich is Evil



The Awesome Nacho Cheese Meat Burrito Pizza Taco

Here at Obvious Winner, food is important. Almost... too important. This here is a Nacho Cheese Burrito Pizza Taco that will completely satisfy your hunger needs. Most importantly though, it's easy, cheap, beyond delicious and made by your very own Obvious Winner writer.

Combining a Celeste Pizza, Tina's Burrito, hot nacho cheese and a whole lot of love... say goodbye to your good health. Want to know how to make this? Click on and find out!!!

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Tentacle Pot Pie Looks Delicious and Dangerous


Pot pie. One of the best bowls of food you could put in front of your face. It's up there with Lucky Charms. So for halloween, learn how to make your pot pies into fun octopus-esque tentacle fun bowls by going [ here ].

"This is an easy and slightly creepy Halloween dinner. I very simply cut dough into long strips to create tentacles that drape down the sides of a bowl. It’s awfully fun to break off tentacles and dunk them into the pot pie while eating."

[ source ] via [ laughingsquid ]


The McRib Returns to Where it Belongs, Our Guts


Pork meat bits slathered in a delicious sugar BBQ sauce? Damn right, you say, and it's coming back for an entire six weeks. When does this start? Next month (November). So prepare your faces and digestive tracts for oblivion.

[ source ] (thanks Brad, eat it)


All the Best Parts of the Unicorn that You Can EAT !


Om nomnomnom ! Come to think of it... can you make glue out of unicorn hooves? And if so, what type of magical property do you think it would have? Cause, I think I ate that glue when I was in preschool.


Tyrannosaurus Rex Pancakes for your Prehistoric Mornings


[ source ] via [ geekologie ]


The Reality of Fast Food: Advertisements Versus Actual Product


Put Mini-Pizzas on a Pizza and Presto ! The Recursive Pizza


Pizzas within a pizza?!?! Mama mia ! This pizza pizza is the brainchild of Milwaukee-based artist John Riepenhoff, and it sure does look rather "nommable"... Get this though... this pizza WAS the art project and viewers could walk on up and take a slice ! 

The final piece was a collage of different cultures' food (Hawaiian, vegan, meat lovers, macaroni, pepperoni, pesto pine nut, etc.), a collage of the actual pizza itself in an attempt at providing some perspective to the viewer of the levels of experience they might be having outside of the pizza, and finally a collage of the people attending the opening and participating in the piece by putting it inside of them.

Long live the Physical Pizza Networking Theory

[ source ]


Boba Feta: Boba Fett Quiche for the Hungry Bounty Hunter


Quiche has it's time and place, and this time it's on a dinner table not so far far away. Move over Pizza the Hut, this quiche has jets.

"Boba Fett + feta cheese just seemed like a no brainer."

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World's Most Expensive Cheese Sandwich Sounds Freakin Great


Sourdough bread, cheddar cheese infused with truffles, sliced quail eggs, tomatoes, apples and figs... all layered into complete awesomesness. This cheese-based sandwich costs around $180 and must taste like angel milk (aged of course).

This sandwich was made by chef Martin Blunos, but seriously... who cares about that dude, just give me the sandwich.

[ source ]


The New KFC Skinwich: Fried Skin, Bacon, Cheese and Deadly


5 inches of delicious fried chicken skin piled on a bun, smothered with cheese and bacon. Impressive KFC, most impressive. 

Of course, any of you would give this an attempt, but I would imagine that you can theorize on the results with a great deal of accuracy. Has making crazy-ass bad for you sandwiches gotten out of control? Or have we, as a species, figured out a humane way to reduce our population? 

QUICK NOTE: This has been proved to be entirely fake. Still, pretty gross and funny.

RESULTS: "Nasty. The richness of all that fatty seasoned skin is totally overwhelming. It’s also tongue-parchingly-salty."

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]


Have a Possessive, Greedy and Wasteful Cat? Marinate it alive and Eat it

Cats... Let's face it... they are delicious. Gary L. Korkuc knew this, and he had a cat (named Navarro) marinating in an oil, crushed red peppers, chili pepper and salt mixture in the trunk of his car. Almost READY to be cooked and eaten. Well, until those pesky cops came around.

"Police took the 4-year-old cat to the SPCA on Ensminger Road in the Town of Tonawanda, where Korkuc had adopted it May 11. He told police the cat had been “mean” to him, authorities said."

And seriously... screw you mean cats! How many times have you chewed my computer cables, woken me up at night because you are "hungry", ruined the sofa, sent blank emails to people with "FUEG3420WFEF:WEH54K:JL#(@&#ksnda" as the subject, and MUCH much more.

"Navarro has black and white markings, weighs 12 pounds and is described as having a good disposition."

Sure he has a good disposition... That's what they ALWAYS say. If you are interested in learning more about this sad tale... go [ here ]