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Massive Dragon Skull Found Washed up on the Beach

This 40-foot long dragon skull was spotted washed up on the beaches of Dorset's Jurassic Coast in the UK for a promotional stunt to launch the 3rd season of Game of Thrones coming out on Blinkbox. BLINKBOX.

Oh... and did I mention that the dragon skull is real? Well it is. It is the most real dragon skull ever found on the beach by a small child. She is a Dragon Slayer and I drank all the mead.


Game of Thrones Lightsaber Battle: Jaime Lannister Vs Brienne of Tarth

Who doesn't love a good Game of Thrones lightsaber battle?! Kick back and watch Jaime Lannister take a beatdown from Brienne of Tarth with the most elegant weapons in the galaxy.


Game of Thrones Intro as a Cancelled 1995 TV Show

Brillant. This Game of Thrones intro will bring you back to the glory of the '90s by hunterlsanders who was inspired by the great work by goestoeleven. High fives to all.

I want it all... and I want it now.

"Following in the footsteps of Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Game of Thrones originally aired on HBO in 1995. It was cancelled. All that remains is the intro. Enjoy!"


The 'Throne of Nerds' is a Game of Thrones Keyboard Throne for a Nerd King

Nerdy hobbyist Mike DeWolfe is just a guy who built himself an Iron Throne made from a pile of junk computer keyboards that looks fit for a king. Perfectly nerdy and computationally powerful.

"It is constructed from 20+ computer keyboard mounted to a chair. The keyboards and have been shaped and melted to follow the form of the chair, the shape of the user, and to meld together into a combined whole."

Make sure you read on to see it in all of it's royal nerd magnificents. 

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Pizza is Coming: Game of Thrones House Sigil Pizzas

On the left you will see the House Targaryen three-headed dragon sigil pizza and on the right the House Stark direwolf sigil pizza by pizzacrafter shiny-kiyoko. The dragon is made from spinach the the wolf from olives. Equally as delicious, yet both long to sit at the iron throne residing in your guts.


Star Wars of Thrones: Jaime Lanister Vs Eddard Stark Lightsaber Battle

Game of Thrones meets Star Wars in this epic lightsaber battle between Lanister and Stark. This was an After Effects rotoscoping attempt by Joel935M, who... nailed it it so hard that I can hear dragons hatching somewhere on Alderaan.


Let's Eat This Game of Thrones Cake

How would you like to eat a throne of swords made out of cake? Made by Kensei Yonzon and Nicole Villar Balaoing.

[ source ] via [ nerdalicious ]


Game of Thrones 15 Minute Preview for Your Viewing Pleasure

HBO rarely (if ever) lets me down when it comes to making an excellent TV series. The new Games of Thrones looks to be shaping up to be quite the awesome fantasy display of swords and brutality. So, take your lunch break and sit back and watch 15 minutes of what is to come.

Spotted at the good people of [ nerdbastards ]