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Eye Popping Game Boy vs Game Boy Color Lady Graffiti Body Paint

Check out these awesome iterations of the original game boy and the game boy color painted on ladies by photographer Nicolas Ahouansou. Who wins? As much as I love the color, Tetris kinda does it for me.

Let's be honest... we all win.


Geeky Chick Builds Giant Cardboard Nintendo Gameboy Color

Who doesn't need a huge Gameboy made out of cardboard in their lives?! MaboroshiTira look a pile of boxes, chopped them up and made them into one of the most nostalgically powerful gaming devices known to the human race.

"All of the buttons are pushable. The on and off switch moves, and the volume dial turns."

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Geektastic LEGO Gameboy Robot In Disguise Transformer

Julius von Brunk had this really awesome idea of spending months of his life building a gameboy out of LEGO bricks and giving it the ability to transform into a robot. Thanks Julius, ya did good.

[ source ] nabbed from [ geekologie ]


Nintendo Game Cartridge Body Armor and SNES Sword

Have some leftover SNES game cartridges laying around that you desperately want to find a use for? Well, here you go, craft yourself some body armor and look like the toughest nerd this side of Hyrule. This was spotted at the most recent [ otakon ] held in Baltimore, Maryland which is a celebration of all things anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture. Read on and on and on to see more of this Nintendo Geek Suit in it's full glory.

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Nintendoscope: Playing Nintendo Gameboy on an Oscilloscope

Making this happen takes a bunch of electrical engineering skills that I could only wish I had. Very cool idea and execution.

Learn how it was all done in full detail [ here ]


Nintendo Game Boy Condoms for Sexually Active Gamers


It's more art than actual product, but I tell ya... I think these would fly off the shelves at your local drug store and/or video game shop... Click on for instructions on how to use these condoms and more cool pics.

 Dong (heat),  Super Mario Land of Love (thin), Sextris (x safe), Donkey Shlong (large), Bone Zone 2 (tingle), The Long End of Zelda (ribbed)

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