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Super Vibrant Metroid Stained Glass

 Video game stained glass art sure has come a long way into the world of things I wish I owned. This is the newest Samus Aran addition to the pile by MartianGlassWorks, a glass worker who also brought us the Iron Man stained glass that we all know and love.

This makes me want to curl up into a little ball and drop colorful glass window bombs.

[ source ] via [ neatorama ]


NVIDIA Announces Handheld Game Console: Project Shield 

Nvidia recently announced it's 1,280 x 720 screen at 294 dpi handheld gaming platform based on it's Tegra4 chip. It is said to be able to play about 5-10 hours of gaming and a full 24 hours of HD video playback.

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Geeky Chick Builds Giant Cardboard Nintendo Gameboy Color

Who doesn't need a huge Gameboy made out of cardboard in their lives?! MaboroshiTira look a pile of boxes, chopped them up and made them into one of the most nostalgically powerful gaming devices known to the human race.

"All of the buttons are pushable. The on and off switch moves, and the volume dial turns."

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Prepare to Drool Over This Incredible Mega Video Gaming Room

Welcome to the room where magic happens. The type of magic that makes sure you never leave the house and forces you to rack up an impressive booze, cocaine and electricity bill. It is owned a fellow named Pete aka "16bitghost" and apparently has zero problems with the ladies. Bravo Pete, bravo.

The "consoles have been hard modded to allow output to the HD display" and "are sorted so that the widest consoles are in the middle and the smaller consoles are at the ends."

For more pics go [ check them out here ] and [ here ]


Colonial Marines ALIENS Video Game Debut Trailer Looks Super Badass

This is looking well worth playing. Aliens.


Kick off the 'Iam8bit' Gallery with a Porn Star Playing a NES Arcade

Might you be in Los Angeles, CA between Auguest 11 - September 10. If so, stop by the new opening of the all 8bit art 'World of Wonder Storefront Gallery' and transport yourself back to an oldschool time of pixelated perfection. It is a homage to classic video gaming and how it made us all who we are today... totally awesome badass video game geeks.

[ photo source ] and [ iam8bit gallery ]


Cute and Awesome 8-Bit Music Video for Gamers Young and Old

We Come Together by GoldFish has so many fun video game references it will blow your gaming minds away! Sit back, prepare to seat-dance and enjoy some SEGA, Nintendo, Angry Birds and much more jumping around and being awesomely entertaining.

'We Come Together' written and performed by Dominic Peters, David Poole and Sakhile Moleshe

If you are into it, you can [ go here ] and watch another video on how it was all made.

[ goldfishlive.com ]


Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox 360 Mod Projects Your Games in Geek Style

Have an Xbox 360? Like Star Wars? Then why not mod your system into a cool R2-D2 bot that can project your gaming fun right onto a wall near you. This was made by the owner of Major League Mods, Mark Bongo.

Read on to see more pics and video of this piece of geek badassery in action.

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Epic Games' New Unreal Engine is Unreal

I am a PC gamer and this is why.

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The Nintendo Electric Guitar

This custom guitar features 6 strings of power, nintendo power. Note that the insides have been removed to allow for guitar stuff to be jammed inside, so no, it doesn't still work.

\m/ The Power button on the NES body is connected to a tone capacitor ( cuts the high end ), the low-end signal is processed more distorted/fuzz like. \m/

Read on to see a video of this in action...

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