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Glowing R2-D2 Astromech Projector Rave Bot is the Awesome

There are so many glowing things, switches, shiney stuff, wires and beeping knobs mounted into this Astromech called 'Zoe' by Podpadstudios from the UK. Seriously, you need to see this thing in spinning around and blinking up a storm mode.

"Zoe is a bit of a high tec girl with a great deal of onboard gadgets. She has her own router and IP webcam which broadcasts as charity events. She is powered by three 25Amp 12v SLA batteries, two running the 24v drive system and the thrid running the 12v electrics..."

Read on to check out more photos as well as a video of the astromech in action.

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To Mos Eisley Cantina! Tusken Raider Rides BanthaPug

Meet Chubbs the Pug who likes to get dressed up as a bantha and let Tusken Raiders ride him through the deserts of Tatooine. Be careful Chubbs, those sandpeople can't be trusted.


Incredible Star Wars AT-ST Walker Costume is Full of Win

"Scott Holden's Halloween Costume for 2012. A 14' ATST combat walker from Return of the Jedi." And, holy freakin' moly it is awesome. While wearing a black "invisible man suit' Scott can pilot this giant AT-ST walker around the neighborhood DEMANDING tricks and treats.

Read on to see some of the highlights of the build...

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Playable MYST as a Real Hardcover Book

Oh MYST... how many hours did the nerds of this lowly planet spend searching within your interesting little island? This clever book has a built in screen and hidden computer parts that runs WinXP in which gives you the sentimental powers to relive the game in an old-timey novel form. Want to see more? Read on my friend...

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Transform Some Eggs in an Optimus Prime Chicken Coop

From the 'now I have seen it all' category, obvwin reader Tez sent us a tip to his newly constructed chicken coop made to look like our giant robot pal Optimus Prime (in truck mode of course). The truck was hand-crafted and is considered to still be a work in progress.

Improvement suggestions for Tez are: Add autobot logos, fill it with chickens, install an internal LCD TV that loops '80s Transformers cartoons and add a giant laser cannon to blast at potential egg snatchers.


Impressive Iron Man Mark XLVII Stained Glass Window

How would you like to have Iron Man as a freakin' WINDOW. Well, martian glass works from Atlanta, GA crafted up this super intricate piece of stained glass that features the MARK XLVII armor from Iron Man 3.

[ source ] via [ nerdapproved ]


West Side Story Lightsaber Switchblade Street Fight

"The classic knife duel with a Star Wars twist"


These Custom LEGO Iron Man / War Machine Figures are Full of Action

Brickthing crafted up a pair of these rather detailed Iron Man and War Machine action figures out of a combination of Bionicle and LEGO.

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Chewbacca Dog Speaks the Galactic Anesthetic Wookiee Language

"Aero wakes up from anesthesia sounding like chewbacca."

Just wait for it... tongue hanging, drugged up dog that speaks Wookiee aka "Shyriiwook".

Thanks got to readers Tots and West for making the entire internet want howl like Chewie while grabbing and tugging on that floppy Aero tongue.


Bishop's Got Milk to Feed Cats and Thirsty Alien Facehuggers

You remember the scene in Aliens when Bishop gets wripped in half by the queen and you see that he is full of milk? Of course you do! Mick Minogue brought it a step further and crafted up this awesome wall-mounted diorama box full of friendly kittens and facehuggers enjoying a little drink of the old robot juice.



The Yoda Engagement Ring: Do or Do Not, There is No "TRY"

Yoda is as wise as he is powerful. That being said, Lord Dan thought it would be in his best interest to propose to his Lady Sith Ellen at the Star Tours exhibit at Disney World. Solid work Daniel, I hope you consummate on Coruscant and crack her open like a Wookiee would do to the ears on a Gundark.

[ source ] via [ neatorama ]


Star Wars Eyewear Help You See The True Power of the Force

Have issues with your eyeballs? Have you have paid the price for your lack of vision?

Good news, because now you can get some of the geekiest glasses in the galaxy which come in the styles of your favorite characters: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett. Thing is, they are $500 bucks a pop... almost enough for your own space cruiser.

Read on to see all the styles and even a bonus live HONK! cantina song video.

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