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Custom Adventure Time 'Jake' Engagement Ring

It's called romance homie! Take a good look at this Adventure Time enagement ring in the shape of Jake's head! Josh Adams decided to surprise his upcoming wife, Saori Tsujimoto with the biggest adventure he could think of. Grab your demon blood sword and go.

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Janitor Leaves Awesome Yoda and Zelda Sketches on School Whiteboards

Think your junior highschool janitor is awesome?!?! Well, certainly not as awesome as this guy. He has been drawing kick-ass cafeteria whiteboard sketches of Yoda giving solid trash tips such as "Your garbage.. recycle you will." and some incredible Zelda: Twilight Princess art that would inspire anyone to be clean.

Nice work janitor.


AT-AT Walker Walker for 4 Year Old Kid

Stephanie Kaloi's 4-year-old son recently had to undergo knee surgery. Poor little fella right? Well, to make things easier on him, his mother had cartoonist Ben Dewey apply some creativity to his walker and converted that tired old reminder of physical pain into the awesomeness of a Star Wars AT-AT walker... walker.

offbeatfamilies.com ] via [ neatorama ]


Dude Converts His Office Cubicle into a Freakin' CASTLE

Time to be King of your castle... at work. Check out the badassery of having a cube kingdom fully equipped with drawbridge guarded by one tough looking paper shredder. Send in the dragons!

Read on to see more and start gathering your cardboard.

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Adventure Time Latte Art for Homies that Help Homies Drink Coffee! 

Adventure Time's Jake, Finn, BMO, Lumpy Space Princess, and of course Marceline the Vampire Queen have all made their way into latte foam by coffee-katie...

Read on to see them all...

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Ridiculously Awesome Custom 'Adventure Time' Phone Cases

Yes, you got it, this faux frosting and magic candy Finn vs. the Ice King, is actually a phone case by tiffyyycuppycake? But how do you hold this phone once you got it in there?! Rainicorn power. Obviously.

If you read on you can see Finn /Jake and Fionna / Marshall Lee.

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Baconsaurus! A Jurassic Park Dinosaur Made from Bacon

Shoot Her!!!

If you are going to bring food to a holiday party, you might as well bring a brachiosaurus wrapped in pig meat aka 'Baconsaurus' and be highlight of the prehistoric herd. Excellent work.


Aliens Facehugger 'Parasitoid' Made From Animal Bones

Game over man! This aliens (xenomorph) facehugger aka  'Parasitoid' is made of box turtle, mink, skunk, coyote, mouse, and wild turkey bones. This gnarly sculpture was crafted by Forgotten Boneyard who brought you skeletal awesomeness such as the Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II.

I too wish this was sucking on my face right now.


Awesome Cardboard Neon Genesis Evangelion That Actually Transforms

Description Part 1: This is an Evangelion robot made from cut-up pieces of cardboard that transforms into a vehicle. So freakin' sick.

Description Part 2: Reread Description Part 1.

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Brutally Knitted Creature Winter Helmets / Masks

Yes, these are knitted winter hats, ski masks or creature helmets made to keep you warm while looking like a rainbow barfed freak of nature. Each piece was hand made by Brutal Knitting aka Tracy Widdess.

Make sure you read on to see more including a Predator design that would be PREFECT for holding up the local liquor store in style.

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A Most Impressive R2-D2 Sand Sculpture

R2 where ARE you? THE BEACH

Sculptin spent some time in the sand and shaped this awesome R2 sand unit in some impressive detail.


Geektastic Star Trek's Scrap Hard Drive Parts USS Enterprise

Star Trek's USS Enterprise hand-crafted out of an old hard drive goes where no man has gone before. This beauty was made by shankalonian and if you are fast enough you can snag one for yourself because that's what the holiday season is for. Taking.