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Sleep Like a Unicorn in this Luminous Fiber Optics Bed Cover

Tired of sleeping on your old do nothing' bed of boring? Luminex, an Italian company hell bent on keeping you up all night wants you to sleep in this bed cover with fiber optics woven into the material so you GLOW like a magical creature until the break of dawn.

"Unlike other light sources like Neon, LEDs or Electroluminescence, the light coming from the fiber optics fabric is subtle and mysterious, producing a beautiful and dazzling luminous effect in dark or shadowed areas."


Glowingly Cool Back to the Future LEGO Nike Air Mag

These fresh LEGO Nike AirMmags are straight from the future and back again. They were contructed by LEGO artist Orion Pax in honor of the last day that the shoes were being sold on ebay, which was September 18,2011. So if you didn't score the real deal shoes for around $4,000 a pop. You can print this photo up and hang it on your wall instead and still feel pretty cool.

[ source ] via [ rr ]


Glow in the Dark Cats Will Fight AIDS So You Wont Have to

"A cat which has been genetically altered to make cells that resist a version of the AIDS virus that affects cats, along with a jellyfish protein that makes it glow green, is seen in this photo. US scientists have developed a strain of green-glowing cats with cells that resist infection from a virus that causes feline AIDS, a finding that may help prevent the disease in cats and advance AIDS research in people."

Those are some nice kitties... VERY nice kitties. Going on curing AIDS and all while freaking glowing a nice green glow! I mean, it sure is great that these cats are hellbent on helping out the human race, but the brass tax here is that they GLOW! All  you have to do is shine a blacklight of sort on them and their fur and nails will light up like a scorpion. Science makes nature awesome.

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]


Glowingly Dark and Sexy TRON Cosplay

This is vampireleniore aka bad charlotte posing in some super sexy TRON corset setup that the MPC would flip his shit over.

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Custom TRON Light Cycle Board Game is Glowingly LED Cool

TRON the Board Game is built from two pieces of smoked acrylic which were laser etched fashioned with blacklight-reactive paint for glowing effects. The light trails are made out of  fluorescent orange and blue acrylic which follow behind the store bought TRON toys.

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DIY Replica Portal Mirrors are Glowingly Cool 

Clever idea going on here, but they SHOULD be placed in front of each other to have that "mirror infinity effect" and bring the portalness to real life. All you need is to find yourself two oval mirrors and attach some rope lighting to the back and presto, you are ready to port around your home.

Spotted at [ geekologie ]

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The Calibur 11 MLG Vault Xbox 360 Glowing Case Mod

Pretty nice looking "out of the box" case mod for your Xbox 360. Featuring glowing red eyes and a nice place to hang your super fancy headphones. You can score one [ here ] for about $90 and upgrade the look of your currently lame looking m$ xbox.

Found at [ technabob ]