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Inside Out Plastinated Shark and Other Fun Animals Lacking Skin

What you see is a plastinated shark, which means the water and fat in tissue are replaced with silicone. Red gnarly silicon that makes for a veiny looking shark demon.

The shark is going on display along with other animals exposing their innards at a controversial exhibit by Gunther von Hagens called 'Animals Inside Out' in Gossau, Switzerland starting this weekend (Oct 5, - Jan. 13, 2013).

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3D Space Invaders Extreme Almost Looks TOO Real

If Space Invaders were real, I would definitely want them to attack us looking like this. Heck yeah! All gnarly and alien gross! This 3D CG invader was painstakenly created by Muckle aka Tom C.

"Fun fact: [Tom] modelled him partly with [his] feet. [He] broke [his] left wrist halfway through making him, so instead of pressing CTRL, SHIFT and ALT on the keyboard to navigate in ZBrush, [he] used foot pedals instead."

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Watch a Video of a Beetle Killing a Frog and then Rip it Open like a PRO

If there is one thing I love watching, it is animals being put into a tank together where they are forced into a lovely Mortal Kombat style death dance where only ONE may survive. You have no idea how hooked I was to [ Japanese Bug Fights ], which is undoubtedly one of the best sites ever and I hope it makes you cry because it is so cool.

"Hey this is video of a beetle eating a frog.. if i was there i would have eaten them both, but not before kissing the frog to see if it'd turn into a prince!" - ( .  Y  . )

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"Aliens" Limited Edition Print is Bloody Awesome 

Aliens: They will knock you down, bite you, scream something horrid, rip off your face and then to make it worse, yep you guessed it... spray you down with acid blood. Respect is all you have to battle these beasts, so check out this poster and honor the evil. Only 100 are being crafted and they are going pretty quickly. Kudos to the chef.

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The "Crushstation" Lobster Monster Truck


This is a wasp.


The Bk Noah's Ark Mega Cheeseburger with Bacon

This Burger from BK comes loaded with 2 (yes, two) of each meat patty on the menu all slammed into on delicious super burger of death. Go to geekologie.com to check out more.