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Taco Bell Graffiti: I'm High, I Want Tacos

That is a pure example of drug induced urban hunger poetry.

I can imagine EXACTLY how this late night tagging went down.

"I'm high, I want tacos"


Incredible Space Scene Spray Painted on an Entire House Floor

This just might be the coolest graffiti art installation I (and/or you) have ever seen. The entire floor of this house has been spray-painted with an awesome fragmented galaxy composition. Yes, it's a SPACE FLOOR.

The space floor was created by the French team called Graffiti Decoration who specializes in making living spaces look spectacular with the use of aerosol cans.

Read on to see more. 

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Infinitely Fresh Thanos Graffiti Wall Art

Holy freakin' awesome. Check out this massive THANOS graffiti wall called 'The Mad Titan' by the ever impressive artist Merlyn_one.

"The character's name is a derivation of Thanatos, the personification of death and mortality in Greek mythology."


Rawpower: Mecha Velociraptor with Chainsaw Feet Street Art

Some pretty kick ass velociraptor graffiti art spotted on the wall of the Garden Area of the Tobacco Factory.


Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant Pipe Electrical Breaker Box

Spotted in Cork, Ireland, this electrical box has been altered into the awesomeness of a Mario Bros Pipe.


Ultra Sick and Impressive Venom Graffiti Wall

Check out this VENOM graffiti wall by:

Sekel • DarkElixir

The Benelux Writers Convention

[ flickr source ]


Prometheus Wall Art: Shaolin Shadow Style Aliens Graffiti 

Prometheus is coming and what better to scare the crap out of pedestrians than to paint this dark and awesome wall mural of Aliens. Again, this was painted by 'End of the Line' who brought us the sick Soul Calibur Street Art and painted all four panels on Great Eastern St. Make sure you read on to see more.

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Soul Calibur V Graffiti Wall Mural is Street Marketing Worth Seeing

If you happen to be walking past the Great Eastern Street walls in London’s East End make sure you check out this relatively slick Soul Calibur V street art. The piece was commissioned by NAMCO BANDAI and spray painted by Endoftheline (who also painted the awesome Aerosol TRON mural) to celebrate the February 3rd game release.

Of course, read on and see each panel in higher detail as well as a video explaining everything.

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Pokemon Street Nerdy: 8Bit Pikachu Pokemon Graffiti Wall

The entire Pokeman / Pikachu / red white balls power balls thing is so full of dork that I swore up and down to never write about it, but this.. this is kind of awesome. *sigh* The artist known as Ano is a big fan of making street art out of individual 8-bit blocks for some pretty kick ass art creations. What you see here combines a bit of the oldschool with the newschool, which somehow makes Pokemon graffiti so-cool (heck yeah rhyme skills). Read on to see more.

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Space Invader Graffiti Wall

This Space Invaders street art wall was spotted at an Open Market, Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

Photo by [ tobysx70 ] via [ it8bit ]


Would You Eat A Gold Chrome Chicken? I Would

Is your food looking all boring and crappy the natural way? Spray paint it up with this edible spraypaint and freak out your eyes-to-mouth experience! I guess, right? Apparently this paint has absolutely no taste and you can spray it on pretty much anything you like. Yes, even on your weiners. ALL of your weiners.

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This Boba Fett Wall Graffiti Will Disintegrate Your Mind 

Somehow this badass piece of wall graffiti featuring Boba Fett has gone unnoticed by the masses for far too long. It was painted by Smug One from the UK who is no stranger to painting super awesome airbrush quality Star Wars / Comic Book / Sexy Lady Wall Graffiti. Apparently, it was a frigid cold 13 degrees (-10.5c) out when he painted this and we thank him for any pain he endured.

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