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The Green Lantern Girl Would Make Any Geek Want to Propose

Wait... she KNOWS?! This girl knows how to get to any man's heart, as long as that man is a comic book and star wars geek. All n all, a pretty clever commercial for this site that wants you to love your lady (or your man) for the relaxed person that they are. Also that they are cool with you living off of doritos and energy drinks while hiding in the basement every night rolling dice with your warlock pals.

Let the force come and guide you into buying a ring for your destiny.

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In Blackest Night: The Green Lantern Video Remix

Nice green power beats. Made by eclectic method who brought you great classics as The King's Remix.


LEGO MiniFig Summer Blockbuster Movie Posters

This summer we have a bunch of scifi / fantasy / adventure movies that are coming to the big screen for us to spend our hard-earned dollars on. NEXT movie decided to make a great compilation of these films and present them in LEGO format for you to love and enjoy. Read on to see them all.

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Fan Made Green Lantern Poster is Awesomeness

James White is pissed. He is so mad about the latest Green Lantern posters that he decided to make his own. I admit, his is better... far better... way better. 

"I honestly believe the Green Lantern logo in terms of design is ranked at third across the entire DC Universe trumped only by Superman and Batman, and the ring is by far the most iconic element of this hero."

What's nice about this, is that the design seems to treat the ring as if it was a light saber owned by a Jedi Knight (or equally powerful of a being). Glowy, powerful, and yet, genuinely comic book in style. Very cool.

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