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TICKSPLOSION!! Injecting Hydrogen Peroxide into Tick Full of Blood

Ever wonder what happens if you squirt some hydrogen peroxide into a tick full to the brim with blood? NO?! Me neither. Let me tell you something.. they goddamn blow up into gross bubbles.

That's right... gross bubbles.


Pass the Liver: Silence of the Lambs Cannibal Wine

Have a delicious human trapped in your house that you are about to dine on? YOU NEED CHIANTI. The Alamo Drafthouse has released this limited edition cannibal wine that goes perfectly with sautéed body parts and a whole bunch of crazy.

"The Alamo Drafthouse's 2013 Signature Wines are an oenophilic nod to noted gourmand, wine connoisseur and psychopath Hannibal Lecter."

[ source ] via [ nerdcore ]


Would You Drink This Wasp-Infused Vodka? 

I just wanted to let you know that Japan does some WEIRD shit. Take this wasp-infused vodka (shouchuu) for example. Kumamoto Prefecture is a fellow who collects live wasps, chucks them into a mason jar with some of this Japanese vodka and lets the gnarly little insect bodies ferment. Bottoms up, you gross little weirdo.

"The first thing to take note of is the liquor’s color; it’s a dark, muddy brown. According to [Kumamoto P.]this is a sign that the wasps’ bodies have properly fermented and all of the necessary nutrients have seeped into the liquid."

He claims that these nutrients found in wasps that can cure depression, fatigue and has super powers that make your skin beautiful. When you look at Kumamoto, you will agree.. he has delicious looking skin.

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Super Yucky Gross 'Fleshlette' Body Part Sculptures Will Disgust

Admittedly, not everyone likes gross things. BUT I DO.

"Each original Fleshlette is individually hand crafted with translucent skin, painted and then garnished with human and animal hair."

These gnarly little 'Fleshlettes' sculptures were hand-crafted by PayneSculptures and are pretty much guaranteed to make people say "burn it with fire!"


2 Gorillas 1 Poop: Or A Video Tutorial On How to Recycle Bananas

Rumor has it that the food at the San Diego Zoo these days tastes like crap.

I would like to quote my wife: "That's disgusting, you are going to lose friends over this."

Only the shitty friends, I say.


Chew on This: A Taxidermied Zombie Head Gumball Machine

Now this is one gruesome gumball machine! This gnarly looking zombie will eat your brains while you get to chew on his balls.

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Massive 1000 Slices of Cheese Burger King Challenge Cheeseburger

Think you could eat this GIANT pile of sliced cheese on top of a teeny weeny hunk of BK burger meat? Total calories? 45661


Read on to see more and watch a video of the attempted 1000 cheese slice burger consumption.

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Guaranteed Laugh: "Boogers... I Have Boogers" Is Hysterically Gross

So you are sitting back eating a nice bowl of spaghettios and BLAM. Instant boogers.

I know this feeling QUITE well. 

Thanks go snot-rocket directly to Jason for the heads up on this gem of a video. Ya did good today buddy.


McDonalds Burger Meat Sculpted into a Life-Sized Mummy

Ben Campell has this great idea... he wants to make a mummy out of old McDonald's hamburger meat and if you look UP, that is the result. Not bad right?


"Conceptually, the reason behind the show is to comically highlight the parallels between Ancient Egypt, McDonald's Food, and Modern Society."

Read on to see some closeups of the meaty mummy and pass some ketsup.

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Unicorn Poop Cookies Look Like They Came Out of a Magic Butt

Poop cookies are decently good. Unicorn poop cookies are... MAGICAL. These little rainbow plops of delicious are guaranteed to make you fly standing up straight, shoot lasers out of your private parts and when you talk, rainbow sparkles spew out of your mouth like a flamethrower.

"Unicorns may manage their elusiveness but they left behind some fanciful evidence of their existence and I was able to recreate their leavings."

If you read on you will be able to watch a video of these cookies in action! Magic Poop Rainbow ACTION.

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Practical Use of Fireworks: Stirring a Cup of Coffee

Using a small ring like firework, this dude stirs a cup of coffee. Silly? Yes. Insipid? Sure. Total waste of your time? Exactly.

But, I sure like where this is headed. I expect burn wounds, loss of limbs and horrible firework residue diarrhea SOON. Thanks to i <3 chaos for the heads up.


This Evil Marzipan Crafted Pig Looks Gross Enough to Eat

Yep, this is actually an edible pig made out of marzipan by food crafter Jonas Laberg. Orginally, this was meant to be a christmas present to a couple of kids, but he changed his mind as it might be too gross and evil looking for them. Fortunately, not for us.

"For those that are into numbers: that's 10kg of marzipan, about 47,000 kcal. And it's got six nipples."

Read on to see it's realistic looking butthole. You know you want to.

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