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The Awesomest Assault Rifle Ever Made... EVER

Get some doll parts, rubber dongs, some blood sacks and wrap them around a rifle. Let the shooting begin.


World's First Double Barrel 1911 Semi-automatic Pistol is Awesome

Why shoot one bullet when you can shoot TWO bullets? This is the AF2011-A1 "Second Century" by Arsenal Fireams and it can kill anything... twice.  Make sure you read on to check out a video of this beast of a sidearm.

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Like Riding with Guns? Check out this Custom GLOCK Motorcycle

"FIRST LOOK! As the GLOCK World of Perfection party is about to begin, one lucky attendee will win the GLOCK custom chopper, designed by Tom Foster."

The only complaint is that it seriously could have looked more like a GLOCK with some boxiness to the design. Maybe less chrome and some hard matte plastic too? ;) Otherwise, this chopper is rather badass.

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Three Round Burst M16 Gas Mask


Fruit Explosion: Stop Motion Aliens Destroying Fruit with Machine Guns

Who doesn't absolutely love shooting the shit out of fruit with the largest piece of weaponry one can drag out to the backyard shooting range? Not anyone I know (and I know several people). Thing is... what if the fruit got a chance to fight back? This little fun piece of stop-motion by Jack Conte.

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Mario Warfare Teaser Trailer

They attacked his kingdom and kidnapped the girl he loves... Mario is pissed. So pissed that he puts on dirtbike gloves, straps on an airsoft gun and shoots a bullet with the casing still intact through some 3D title animations.

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Son of a Bitch, This Dude Just Shot Himself

Dude accidentally puts a bullet though his leg. Go ahead watch this dude shoot himself, swear and then do it all again in slow motion! Excite!

Read on to see the results!

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G-Wok: Straight Outta Endor with a Nine and AK


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The NINJA GLOCK: The Most Hilariously Powerful Pistol Ever

Holds 1000 rounds, controls and summons typhoons (laser guided), has a grenade storage compartment, secret knife stash, a flashlight more powerful than the sun and much more! Put on your ninja hood, watch the video below and be in awe of it's power.

What can this gun not do?! Beyond incredible.

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HandMade 100% Wool Hot Pink Grenade, Gun and Brass Knuckles

“Love & Hate”

"It is 100% tightly packed, hot-pink merino wool which was sculpted by poking it thousands of times using barbed felting needles."

For about $1,200 you can grab yourself this brutal set of weapons that will probably only stop a member of an arts and crafts fair. From what I gather, creating these pieces are one hell of a painstaking process of feeding extremely small strands of wood into itself over and over again. A project for the mad indeed, yet much appreciated.

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Make a Mini Cannon from a BBQ Lighter that Fires Airsoft Pellets

Learn how to make a mini, hand-held cannon that shoots airsoft pellets! With a few screws, some hot glue and some pretty simple drilling you can be launching bits of plastic at high speeds around the neighborhood with the awesome power of combustion.

BONUS: Read on to make a pencil shooting paper crossbow!

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Childhood Complete: Extreme NERF Battle Music Video

This music video is called THE GREEKS, by Is Tropical and is 100% bad ass. How I remember the days of running around my neighborhood blasting away at my friends and pretending to have conquered the streets in a full on bloody war.  I am pretty sure this video sums up our imaginations on how it all was in our young NERF gun toting battle craving minds.

So brutal.