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Destroying Some Pumpkins with an Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun

Halloween is about death... to a pile of pumpkins with a banana-clipped Saiga 12 shotgun.

"The Saiga-12 self-loading smooth bored shotgun is intended for professional and sport hunting of small-and medium-size game under any climatic conditions. This shotgun is built on the famous AK-47 action that has been proven by years of very reliable combat action!"


Nike Air Max Sneaker Guns

Artist Fil Fury made these awesome Nike Air Max Beretta pistols and Uzi. Do they shoot? No. Can you run in them? No. Do they look badass cool? YES.

[ filfury ]via [ hiconsumption ]


Man Builds a Functional AK-47 Out of a Rusty Old Shovel

There comes a time in a man's life when all you have is a rusty old shovel, some bullets and the need to combine them into a fully-functional AK-47. This man is Boris.

All you need is:

Shit shovel: $2
Romy sans-barrel AK kit: $200
Barrel blank: $30

Boris took his time and melted down the metal shovel head and reforged it into the actual gun receiver.

[ source ] via [ neatorama ]


Watch this Custom Chrome M14 Juggernaut Rogue Explode Things

It has been a while since I posted an FPS Russia clip and this one is obviously worth it. He shows off his new chromed-out bullpup and fires off a pretty massive explosion.

If you are into spending about $1400 you can score your own limited edition chassis (not the gun) to convert your dull looking M14 into a shiny new chrome lead launching death machine by going [ here ].


'My First Weapobet' Helps Children Learn the Alphabet Via Weaponry

Is your child at the prime age to learn a few things? Hey look... maybe it's time to teach that little shit how to finally read. Well now you can and lucky for you, you can teach them all while sitting in the comfort of that doomsday bunker you built. You know, that bunker that is loaded up with all those GUNS OF LEARNING. "Honey... 'A' is for AK-47... now have some C4 milk and a gunpowder cookie for momma."

Learning weapons: EASY - Learning alphabets: HARD

[ source ] via [ likecool ]


Watch a Dragon 50cal with Explosive Ammo Destroy Stuff

Oh FPSRussia, you had me at explosive ammo. Big Badda BOOM.


'Gamer Commute' is How you get To Work After Playing Grand Theft Auto

OK now, I know that most of you out there have had evenings where you decided to drink gallons of hard alcohol, order Chinese food and play GTA until you simply passed "right the fuck out" in your chair/sofa. The next morning, you NEED (kinda) to go get more food and more booze. As you walk by cars and people of all types driving them... what do you do?

Size them up. You easily imaginate taking their cars, bashing down a few hookers, flipping through radio stations with gun in hand, and laying waste to anything in your way. Like a PRO (J. H. B.) gamer that has his lower intestines filled with high-octane gasoline and gorilla penis wrapped in a warm blanket of machine guns. Then, all of the sudden, you show up at work.


EPIC Derby Baby! A Gun Blasting Derby Race to the Death

If you are going to derby race down a hill,  you might as well come packin' as much heat as you can fit in you ride.

From the guys that brought you [ epic jedi gang fight ]


Fruit Explosion: Stop Motion Aliens Destroying Fruit with Machine Guns

Who doesn't absolutely love shooting the shit out of fruit with the largest piece of weaponry one can drag out to the backyard shooting range? Not anyone I know (and I know several people). Thing is... what if the fruit got a chance to fight back? This little fun piece of stop-motion by Jack Conte.

Spotted at [ everydaynodaysoff ]


Russian Meal Time: Enjoy Your Meat with Guns and Vodka

"We [ epicmealtime ] roll down to Georgia and meet up with one of the biggest badasses on YouTube! [ FPSRussia ] and his arsenal of weapons joins forces with us and our copious amounts of deliciousness!"


Sit Back and Watch The Ultimax 100 Machine Gun Destroy Stuff

The Ultimax 100 machine gun is made in Singapore, watch it wreck shop in mother Russia. Wait a minute, did you (FPSRussia) just shoot a machine gun behind your back? YES.


Destroying a Porsche 911 with Around 10,000 Bullets

Paying to fix your Porsche sucks. Launching hot lead at very high speeds through your Porsche is teh awesome.

An anonymous owner of a Porsche 911 donated his troublesome car to a local gun club rather than pay more than $20,000 to have it fixed. The wealthy motorist was so fed-up with the car's constant engine problems he was happy to see 140 members of the Massachusetts club Comm2A fire 10,000 bullets into it. Photographer and gun enthusiast John Beauchemin says: "By the end of the shoot, the Porsche was so perforated that it was folding in half under its own weight. It was hauled off to the junkyard on a flatbed."

\m/ Massachusetts \m/

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