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Ummm... NO: Check This Horrific Bathroom Shower Curtain Decoration

Got demons in your bathtub? Apparently, this dude was given the task of turning the bathroom into a demon slaughterfest for Halloween. I am pretty sure he nailed it, making certain that no one can take a dump without shitting their pants simply by opening the bathroom door.


Halloween Superhero Costumes for your Guinea Pig, Hamster or Chinchilla

Have a rodent as a pet? Dress that little shit up in these awesome superhero outfits and score every bit of candy on the block.


Halloween Bearded Dragon... Dragon

Come to think of it, bearded dragons SHOULD have wings. Read on for a few more...

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The 500 Watt Bumpin' Pumpkin Sound System Carving

Car stereos are now being installed into pumpkins by Steve Meade Designs. This setup boasts 500 watts of pure sound power that is guaranteed to knock your ghoulish Halloween socks off.

"Soundigital amps, Rockford Fosgate speakers and powered by XS Power battery.  Not to mention the Kenwood deck and VU-Din"

Read on to see more pics of the build and a video of it in action.

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A Playable TETRIS Pumpkin Called 'Pumpktris'

This is an actual pumpkin carving with 128 embedded LEDs that are controlled by using the stem as a joystick so you can really kick back and play a spooky Halloween game of TETRIS right on your door step. What?!?!!? Yes. The team behind the madness calls their video game marvel the 'Pumpktris'.


Baby Ripley Piloting the Aliens Power Loader Costume

Check out this baby driving this power loader from Aliens. Inside that costume is the baby's father and friend of redditor rdt156. Pretty freakin' awesome. Read on to see a video of it in action.

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Fantastic Four's THE THING Pumpkin Statue is Indeed Fantastic

This is a life-sized THE THING from the Fantastic Four created out of 11 busted up pumpkins by redditor wizardtig. The structure stands at an impressive 6'4" tall, built on a custom wooden frame and lights up the entire neighborhood.


Terrifyingly Awesome Mutant Zombie Walk Makeup

Specialxk figured out a way to convert her face into a horrifying zombie with it's jaw ripped open for a Zombie Walk in Pittsburgh, PA.


Bishop's Got Milk to Feed Cats and Thirsty Alien Facehuggers

You remember the scene in Aliens when Bishop gets wripped in half by the queen and you see that he is full of milk? Of course you do! Mick Minogue brought it a step further and crafted up this awesome wall-mounted diorama box full of friendly kittens and facehuggers enjoying a little drink of the old robot juice.



Gizmo (Mogwai) Pumpkin Carving Keeps the Halloween Gremlins at Bay

The Mogwai is arguably the cutest and most badass of little monsters (remember the Rambo Gizmo).  Pumpkin carver extraordinaire Trevor Grove knows this and released this impressively detailed pumpkin carving to kick this year's Halloween off over at VillaFane Studios.

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Awesomely Realistic Pumpkin Zombies Crawling out of a Massive Pumpkin 

PUMPKIN BRAINS!!!!! Just when you thought you knew pumpkin carving, Ray Villafane comes around and blows your freakin mind out of the undead pumpkin patch. The base pumpkin weighed in at a record 1818.5 lbs and the pumpkins used for the zombie carvings where at an impressive 1698 lbs. Combined... well you get it, they weigh a lot.

Read on to check out more angles of this ultra sick halloween creation.

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This Demon Spider Shark Pumpkin Might Eat Trick-or-Treaters

OK, now this is one menacing pumpkin carving by redditor darksidejosh. Giant dual-layered sharp-as-daggers teeth ready to rip any kid apart that decides to approached your door looking for handfuls of free delicious candy. Screw you kid, these treats are mine.

Read on cause he adds some horns and some evil lighting to complete his carving. Pretty freakin' evil looking.

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