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Awesome Halo Master Chief Stained Glass Helmet Lamp

What better way to light up your living room / war shed / covenant battleship than with a Master Chief helmet made out of Tiffany style stained glass. The lamp was made by mclanesmemories who also brought us the Iron Man lamp.

Make sure you read on to check it out in much finer detail.

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Halo Master Chief Helmet Made from Recycled Mountain Dew Cans

Recycled can crafter cyroprime made this "replica" Master Chief helmet out of old Mountain Dew cans called the Mark V MJILOLNIR Helmet.

[ source ] via [ ianbrooks ]


Master Chief Sure is Sweet: Check Out This Super Amazing HALO Cake!

This ultra-detailed Halo cake by Mike's Amazing Cakes might not only be the most kickass crazy awesome HALO cake, but it is seriously of the of the best video game cakes *I* have ever seen. Just look at how much the cake, with the use of fodant, looks like a huge plastic action figure. Kind of incredible. This cake was made for Halo Fest at PAX Prime 2011. Press on soldier for more shots.

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Mysterious Master Chief Halo Wire Sculpture Spotted in the Wild

This "Master Chief" wire sculpture was spotted on the Downtown Sculpture Walk in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The artist called it "Fat Tony" for some unknown (to me) reason and the description says... "This represents a large male... etc". So, I let you decide... what is this?!

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Master Chief LEGO Halo Body Armor and Helmet

Master Chief is one tough alien fighting fellow, everyone knows this. Benny Brickster here put a little time and effort and has released an update to his Halo LEGO project where he is gearing up and getting ready to fight people (I hope) on the street with plasma rifles. Read on to see more.

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Wearable LEGO Halo Master Chief Helmet is Fraggin' Awesome

Halo, LEGO and a human skull... together at last.

"It is made completely out of Lego except for the visor, which is a modified motorcycle helmet visor. "

Close enough for me my friend. Click on to see more pics of this beauty in a variety pack of angles. 

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Animatronic Full Size Halo Elite Suit

Veteran badass scifi suit/costume maker Pete over at [ petemanderfx.com ] put together a beauty of a Halo suit, you should click on to see more pics, and watch a video on how it was made. Now, if I only knew WHY it was made... Halo movie prop? Sex Toy? Your guess is as good as mine. For now.

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