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Hey Bub, Learn How to Make Metal Wolverine Claws for Five Bucks

Anyone who is anyone knows that if your life is being threatened the first thing you should do is weaponize yourself. Now, what better to go at your foe than a pair of functionally dangerous metal wolverine claws. Best of all, they only cost $5 to make. Not too shabby for the poor man's geek weapon.

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Scrumptiously Dangerous Mario Brothers Piranha Plant Cupcake

This cupcake looks way too good to be edible, but alas, it is! Made by kristylynn84, who is definitely no stranger to making fun things that you would love to jam into your face.

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Fully Functioning DIY Iron Man Mark V Transforming Briefcase Suit

So, freakin' awesome. Made by Ryan Brooks, this cosplay suit is "unique in it's ability to transform from a briefcase into the fully detailed and fully functional suit of armour, this endeavor was inspired by the Iron Man 2 movie." The suit itself was contstructed with over 4000 LEGO Technic pieces and hundreds of pieces of hand-crafted armor.

Read on to watch a video and see production pictures of how this was all made.

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Man Constructs a Giant Homemade Transformers 2 Megatron Tank

Chinese fellow (man living in China), self-named "Steel Legend" has created this 11,000 pound monster of a replica of Megatron from Transformers 2. It was constructed out of scrap metal, the allspark and a whole lot of Chinese dude sweat. Impressive? Hellz yeah. You try to accomplish such a feat of strength. Want to see more? Read on...

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Most Impressive: Awesome Video Roundup of DIY Custom LightSabers

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age and now we (humans) are able to replicate the look and feel of these ultra futuristic blades with the use of LEDs, EL, and some awesome crystal focus technology. The lightsaber videos you are about to watch are pieces of art more than are mere collector items. Many of these custom lightsabers go for around $1000 and, honestly, they look well worth it.

Read on to view all of my favorite Light Saber videos for you to watch in awe.

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HomeMade Jedi Luke LightSaber is DIY Perfection

"A Return Of The Jedi Luke Saber, with crystal chamber, thin neck, and detachable blade."

You are watching the video right now saying "well, that is one sick lightsaber replica." I agree. You can go here and see bit-by-bit how it was constructed, and let me tell you, it is more impressive than you think.

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