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Custom Ultimate Iron Man Suit of Armor Done Impressively RIGHT

Finally... A badass Ultimate Iron Man cosplay that Stark himself can be jealous of. This build was hand-crafted by Riccardo Montico aka BlackLink2811 from Italy and if you read on you can see it standing tall with War Machine.

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Full Body Iron Man Armor Made from BALLOONS! 

Supreme balloon artist, Jeff Wright constructed an Iron Man suit using nothing but balloons. 500 balloons to be exact and they can be worn into battle vs anyone but Needle Man.

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Custom Iron Man Evagelion Edition Sculpture


Artist Felix DaSilva crafted up this awesome Evangelion iron man action figure sculpture.

Read on to see more of the build.

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This Iron Man Gorilla Sculpture is Bananas!

This Iron Man gorilla sculpture has been spotted in Norwich, UK and designed by Martin Wall. 50 different sculptures have been laced around the city, but this is undoubtedly the most chest poundingly cool. Well, that's my guess.

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Iron Man Lightsaber

Jedi Knight Tony Stark

Check out this sick Iron Man style lightsaber build by Makoto Tsai.


Incredible Iron Man Chalkboard Art Spotted in the Breakroom

Check out this awesome chalk sketching of Iron Man and his HUD spotted by the father of 14-year-old young-avenger-wiccan along with the note “Look at our chalkboard in the break room!” 

OK... what kind of breakroom do you have sir?! You so happen to have buckets of chalk and work with some sort of mystery hobbyist comic book artist?! The stars were aligned.


Battle Damaged Iron Man Hand Repulsor Desktop Lamp

Now THIS is one cool desktop lamp! It is an Iron Man hand/gauntlet/arm that has been made to shed light on your desk via the repulsor weapon.

Update: This Iron Man lamp was made by Sérgio Oliveira.

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Nike 'Iron Man' AIR FORCE 1 Downtown Sneakers

Nike is releasing a hot red and gold metallic "Iron Man" Air force 1 sneakers. You can score them for $175 if you are lucky enough to find them. Yeah, I would wear these.

Thanks to Kevin for the sneaky tip.


Conceptually Real Iron Man HulkBuster Armor

The Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor " is a heavy-duty exo-framedesigned for maximum strength amplification at the cost of reduced versatility and mobility"

Which basically translates to: Tony Stark can fight Hulk in it. This is a pretty awesome photomanipulation by lMBP where he used original 3D heavy mech model by Mike Jensen and converted it into the Hulkbuster.


Hyper Cool Photorealistic Iron Man Wood Burning 

Wait, that's not ink? NO SIR, that is BURN ON WOOD. Iron Man wood burning on a 10 inch x 13 inch plank that took about 5 1/2 of non-stop hours by BTJ Pyrography

Read on to watch a fast-motion progess video of Iron Man being burnt.

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Steampunk Iron Man Arc Reactor Pocket Watch

The Iron Man steampunk style pocket watch by Adi Simion may not be able to keep track of time, but I am pretty sure anyone would throw money at it to own one. Who needs time when you command a portable Arc Reactor?!


Functional Iron Man Gauntlet that Shoots Real Burning LASERS!

Yes, this Iron Man gauntlet actually shoots high-powered lasers that are strong enough to burn things and pop balloons with ease. Badass.

"Full metal gauntlet, runs on 1x 18650 plus 2x 14500 Li Ion cells. 2 blue lasers on board, 1.2W each, plus 2 4mW for aiming."

It was built by Patrick Priebe of laser-gadgets and he as no desire of sharing with you his build plans, but you can watch the video and wish you had one.