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Deep Fried Beer Battered Bacon Doritos

I love snack foods. In fact, I love them more than regular food. The dudes at dudefoods came up with a fantastic idea of deep frying doritos in a mixture of beer batter and bacon bits.

"The hot oil also caused the batter to expand around the chips a little bit, so they sort of ended up looking like little puff pastries."



Just What I Need: A Pizza Crust Made Out of Mini Cheeseburgers

First there was the cheese in the crust, then hotdog embedded pizza crust and now a crust made up of little delicious cheeseburgers! Middle Eastern Pizza Hut is launching this massive heart attack inducing creation called the "Crown Crust Carnival Pizza" to, you guess it, middle easterners. Apparently, they have guts like goats out there...

Make sure you read on to watch the commercial and begin your journey into salivation.

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Japan Meets Mexico with a Cup Noodle Tacos Flavored Ramen

Life just got BETTER the moment you laid your eyes on this marvel of human food engineering. Let us sit back and reflect on the gargantuan amounts of ramen that ALL of our bodies have injested. That's right... TONS. With the advent of combining taco flavoring to the mix, my face/gut is willing to accept TONS more.  

Make sure you read on to see closeups and prepare yourself to experience cheap microwavable delight at it's purest.

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Pizza Made Entirely From Delicious Pizza Flavored Snacks

Take some pizza combos, pizza doritos, pizza goldfish, pizza pringles, pizza hummus, do some basic arranging into a pizza shape and mamma mia! It's a pizza pie!

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The Sexiest Junk Food Covered Girls You Will See Today

Pam sure does love her cheeseburgers! Someone figure out how to combine two of the world's finer things.. barely clothed young lasses and piles of delicious junk food spattered upon them. Just wait to till you see what Simone likes! Hint: Cereal.

Read on to see more junk food covered lady pics.

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Burger King's New X-TRA LONG Burgers Not for Americans

Fast Food: The primary destroyer of good health, the ultimate provider of great smiles. Check out these new enormously LONG triple meat patties burgers that are available all over Europe, but NOT in the United States of America, where they belong.

Click on to watch a video of the BK burgers you are unable to jam into your guts.

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Behold, The McDonald's Skull of French Fries

This looks painstakingly evil and mouth-wateringly delicious. Mmmm... fries.

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Double Kill Burger is a Massive Pile of Ridiculous

From the "I'd eat that for glory and honor" category, the boys from epic meal time decided to squash the puny double-down from KFC with this mammoth burger of a meal. The DOUBLE KILL. Click on to watch the video of this beast getting created then destroyed with human faces.

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The Awesome Nacho Cheese Meat Burrito Pizza Taco

Here at Obvious Winner, food is important. Almost... too important. This here is a Nacho Cheese Burrito Pizza Taco that will completely satisfy your hunger needs. Most importantly though, it's easy, cheap, beyond delicious and made by your very own Obvious Winner writer.

Combining a Celeste Pizza, Tina's Burrito, hot nacho cheese and a whole lot of love... say goodbye to your good health. Want to know how to make this? Click on and find out!!!

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The Walking Taco is the Perfect Food for Junk Meal to Go


Simple as can be. You take one of those snack sized bags of Fritos and fill it with ground beef, nacho cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. Mix it up in the bag and you have a meal to go. 

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