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OMG Someone Just Made a Functional LED Tetris Tie

That someone is Bill Porter and he crafted up a tie that plays out a game of Tetris. The tie is currently in prototype stage, but will eventuall be playable via bluetooth on your phone. Yes, you will be able to play your tie.

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Awesome Daft Punk LED Painting Robot Rocks Your Walls

Check out this awesome acrylic painting of two of France's most famous robots... Daft Punk. It was painted by Antoine Scotto who also added Da Funk with some built-in LEDs that actually light up the helmets (watch the video). Now your walls are Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and GLOWY.

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Ultra Low-Res Super Mario Bros on a Large Glowing LED Strip Matrix

Ever wanted to play Super Mario Brothers on a matrix of glowing LED strips and convert the glory days of 8-bit gaming into something of a work of goddamn playable art?

Well, now you CAN. (hooray!)

"A playstation 3 controller, A notebook running a NES emulator and a Gstreamer pipeline. A Raspberry pi running RetinaTattoo. A LED matrix (built from WS2801 LED strips) controlled via SPI."


Glowingly Cool Back to the Future LEGO Nike Air Mag

These fresh LEGO Nike AirMmags are straight from the future and back again. They were contructed by LEGO artist Orion Pax in honor of the last day that the shoes were being sold on ebay, which was September 18,2011. So if you didn't score the real deal shoes for around $4,000 a pop. You can print this photo up and hang it on your wall instead and still feel pretty cool.

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Awesomely Badass LED Fiber Optic Mohawk Techno Viking Helmet

The next time you pillage and rape (that is what hardcore Vikings do) that village make sure you do it in style. This helmet features a laser cut mounting system which houses an array of electronic controls that make the superbright LEDs glow your raving head off. There are a total of 8 AAA batteries powering this beast (4xAAA in each horn) and of course the bundle of fiber optics laced down the mane of the helmet that blast a mohawk of any color your viking heart desires.

Make sure you read on to see more pics and a video of this in sweet sweet action.

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Custom LED Klingon Coffee Table for Intergalactic Hipster Chats

Made from a armful of pine, a handful of LEDs and a gut full of Star Trek love. This Klingon coffee table is pretty glowingly awesome. 

"26 Flashing RGB diodes and a blue one underneath! Sheet Acrylic top. Clear Acrylic rod for supports, pine frame with dowel joints. 2 coats of matt varnish."

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Crazy Rainbow LED Suit at Chaos Communication Camp 2011

This LED suit man was spotted at the Chaos Communication Camp in Germany. The camp itself it absolutely filled to the brim with awesome inventions, gadgets music, lasers, glowing stuff and just good geek/hacker fun. It might be one of the best places on Earth. Ever.

"The Chaos Communication Camp 2011 is an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms on August 10th thru August 14th 2011."


Add Some Glowing LED Light Effects to Your Bike with Revolights

If you are an avid city biker, you know that riding your bike at night can totally suck if you do not have proper bike safety lighting. Believe it or not, people in cars WANT to run over bikers. That is a fact. So, what better why to tell them "Here i am!" than with these projected LED tire lights and maybe they will try and avoid you. Read on to watch a video of these lights in action.

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Custom Leather / LED Steampunk Metroid Arm Cannon

Skinz-N-Hydes is no stranger to making awesome leather steampunk wearable art and this Metroid Arm Cannon is rocket launching sick. The barrel and power lights look to be fitted with individual LED lights.

"Made with: Leather, Brass, Nuts and Bolts, Odds and Ends, Rivets, Buckles, Lights"

[ source ] via [ ianbrooks ]


Behold: A Wearable Rainbow Video Coat of Psychedelic Proportions

The wearable LED television has gone trippy as a wearable rainbow! The 1000 LED jacket itself is jam-packed with "technology" that took about 6 months to build and cost around $20,000. I can't wait (and I hope it will become) for this to be an entire suit from head-to-toe.

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Custom Bioshock 2 Big Sister Costume with Glowing LED Helmet

Want to chomp around your underwater town/city in ADAM style this summer? Then you NEED a Big Sister suit made from real-life scavanged parts that will make all the neighborhood children run away from TO you in pure rapture.

"The main body is real leather with custom leather straps, metal buckles, rivet and sewn construction. The Helmet is a combination of fiberglass, kevlar, metals, and has a plexiglass front "window" with red LEDs to make it glow." 

Get this.. it's for sale, read on to see more.

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Custom TRON Light Cycle Board Game is Glowingly LED Cool

TRON the Board Game is built from two pieces of smoked acrylic which were laser etched fashioned with blacklight-reactive paint for glowing effects. The light trails are made out of  fluorescent orange and blue acrylic which follow behind the store bought TRON toys.

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