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TRON Light Cycle Custom Computer Case Mod is Off The Grid

 Measuring in at over 40 inches, this glowing LED laden TRON Legacy Light Cycle computer case mod is something any TRON fanboy/fangirl would love to have on their desktop. Boasting a completely hand-crafted chassis that took some intensive dremel work and precise mounting of a laundry list of laser cut acrylic parts to create.

Wrap it around a Intel i7 965 processor, EVGA GTX570 video cards in SLI, install some slick water cooling and listen/watch this Light Cycle purr through your gaming. This is a submission to the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition and holy hell it sure is completely freakin' awesome. Want more photos? Read on.

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TRON Samurai Wields Glowing Swords and Armor

Created by SuperKusoKao, this sick glowy TRON Samurai brings us back to the days of pillaging villages and the noble way of the sword.

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Fresh Looking TRON Light Cycle Alternate Designs Are The Win

Recently a TRON Light Cycle Design Contest wrapped up over on sidequesting.com and the results are in! Just keep clicking/scrolling down the page to see all of the winners and some runners ups.

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Glowing CG Cartoon TRON Uprising Animated Series Trailer

Disney XD is releasing a cartoon series based on the TRON universe for the summer of 2012. The story takes place right between the original 1982 TRON and the most recent 2010 TRON Legacy, and you guessed it, there will be an uprising. The visuals of this trailer look pretty tight and I admit that I am excited to see how this all unfolds. I hope its better than this, but I wont hold my breath.

Briefly: "Produced by Disney Television Animation, the series follows Beck, a young program who becomes the unlikely leader of a revolution inside the computer world of "The Grid". His mission is to free his home and friends from the reign of the villainous CLU and his henchman General Tesler."

Found at [ toplessrobot ] as we both share the same irrational obsession with all things TRON.


TRON Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D: The TRON Daft Punk Soundtrack Remixed


The TRON soundtrack is being remixed with a slew of noted entities of the music industry such as M83... The Crystal Method, and more. Admittedly, as much as I liked the Daft Punk TRON soundtrack, I kind of wished it was a bit more exciting and at times was able to deliver the gold, the supreme audio magnificence electro-gold that I desperately need. Might this be it?

Read on for the full track listing.

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Oldschool Flavor TRON Legacy Poster all Dirtied Up

SICK^3. Closer and closer it approaches. TRON is coming. Turk1672 knows this and decided to design this poster, but why did he make it look this way?

"I was fed up of seeing so much slick and glossy poster versions of the forthcoming Tron sequel that I felt like doing a "dirty" version. I tried to make it look like an old style movie poster complete with fold marks and coffee stains!" -turk1672

And you did a hell of a job good sir. I tip my hat to you.

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Glowing TRON Legacy Ice Hotel is Beyond Awesome

TRON ICE HOTEL?!?!?! Laden with Electroluminescent Wire? This just might be the coolest place on planet Earth right now, literally.

"Inspired by Disney's release of Tron: Legacy Rousseau + I-N-D-J set out to capture the dynamism and essence of the movie at the world famous ICE HOTEL Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. 200km into the Arctic Circle Rousseau + I-N-D-J will create a futuristic ice suite. Using technology never before seen in the Hotels 20 year history THE LEGACY OF THE RIVER will be one of 19 unique ICE suites for the Hotels 20 year anniversary."

Click on to see more pics and even a video of the TRON Ice Hotel.

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Oakley Debuts Stylin' 3D Glasses for TRON Legacy


Sick of those crappy 3D glasses you get at the theater that you happily have to give back to the goofy ass collector dude(but honestly, you still feel like stealing them)? Well, Oakley made some new miner savers that should enhance your TRON movie going experience with style. If you are a person who really enjoys 3D movies and has a cool $150 laying around, pick these up and yes, you can use them on other movies as well. Be the cool kid in the movie IMAX theater, maybe? 

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TRON: Legacy Derezzed Music Video Blows Minds

So sick.


TRON Replica Motorcycle Suits are Decently Cool, but I want MORE

Are you a tough-guy motorcycle rider? Are you cool enough to realize that you could and should be wearing a motorcycle jacket and pants that makes you look like you are from TRON? Cause, maybe you ARE? These suits go for about $1000 bucks a pop, and maybe you think that's worth it, but my god seriously? These bitchin' outfits should light up. And, you know it. Click on for pics...

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Newly Released TRON Legacy Concept Art


TRON is coming out in theaters so damn soon it hurts. In a little over a month, I will be sitting in the local IMAX theater, dropping my jaw while enjoying the living shit out of this movie. So, to add to the hype, check out ome hirez concept art.

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Light-Up Adidas TRON Sneakers in Action Video Sneak Peek 

TRON light-up sneakers. These are so ridiculous that I want... no.. I NEED a pair of them. These were spotted at the San Diego Comic Con 2010

[ found at toysrevil ]