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Watch this Girl Make Her Own Prosthetic Leg out of LEGO Bricks

What can LEGO NOT do!? First, this young lady named 'AmputeeOT' is missing he leg. Secondly, she shows us how she makes her own artificial leg out of LEGO bricks and then quickly snaps it off like the T-1000 walking thru liquid nitrogen.


Largest LEGO Ever is a Full Scale X-Wing Fighter

Made entirely out of 5,335,200 LEGO bricks that actually make up larger LEGO bricks that make out astoundly huge X-Wing fighter. Gizmodo went out and took some pretty awesome pics of this creation so if go check it out.


Life-Size Aliens Facehugger Recreated in LEGO

This can only result in getting bricked by a LEGO chest burster. Al13n163na had a self-imposed challenge to make a 1:1 scale replica of a facehugger using LEGO. About 500 pieces later, he nailed it. Game over man.

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RU KRAZY?! Awesome LEGO Rainbow R2-D2 Build

Oh artoo what color are you?! This time we get a RAINBOW R2 built out of LEGO by monsterbrick. Read on to see more and a bonus evil overlord surprise.

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The LEGO 'KR-KN' Space Octopus Star Wars Destroyer Destroyer

How badass is THIS massive LEGO octopus destroying a Star Wars destroyer. This is the 'KR-KN' built by Iain Heath aka Ochre Jelly for the Emerald City Comicon 2013. He was tired of people criticising the LEGO Super Star Destroyer as a big dull grey set, so he added a giant red space kraken. NICELY done good sir.

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Impressive Custom LEGO Mass Effect Destroyer Class Reaper

Check out this LEGO Reaper from Mass Effect by Imagine Rigney that is fully posable and ready to destroy small scale cities and household pets. The legs bend and pivot, the head also pivots, the face plate can be moved up and down to trigger the LEGO brick light simulating the laser."

Read on to see the full effect...

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LEGO BUGS! A Spectacular Taxidermied LEGO Insect Collection

This just might be one of the AWESOMEST posts I have done in a while. Being that I am self-proclaimed BUGFAN#1 these "taxidermied" LEGO insects are beyond cool. Each insect was hand-crafted by Siercon and Coral and put into shadow box insect display cases.

Make sure you read on to see them ALL (8 LEGO insects in total)...

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Awesome 6' Foot Custom LEGO TECHNIC Armageddon’s Blade

Check out this massive (72" inch / 6' foot) LEGO power sword that ominously hovers above planets and can only be wielded by hooded motorcycle riders with attractive lady companions.

"So this is not glued, and there are no metal rods or anything for support. This is 100% purist and is held together with Technic bricks and pins."

This sword dubbed the 'Armageddon's Blade' (Heroes of Might and Magic III ?) was constructed by Siercon and Coral to battle Bart De Dobbelaer in the 4th round of the Iron Builder 3.0 tournament of LEGO building champions.


Incredible Life-Sized Hobbit Hole Two Million Piece LEGO Bag End

Taking 3,000 hours to build, this life-sized 'Bag End' hobbit hole consisting of 2,000,000 (two million) pieces of LEGO bricks is now complete. If you are wondering it is big enough to walk into and down a few pints of beer... it IS.

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It's Snowing Bricks! Giant LEGO Minifig Snowman

Winter sure brings out the sculpture artist in all of us with snowmen. This is a giant LEGO minifig made out of snow, that from the looks of it, just might last right into spring. Usually, I just draw snow dongs on people's car windows while coming home from the bar and IMAGINE their disgust. It is a job of prestige.


The Battle of Helm's Deep Recreated in LEGO Animation

It still blows my mind that people are able to spend the time to make these things. I can only assume these people smoke a LOT of pipe-weed.

"The battle for Middle Earth has begun! All of Isengard is unleashed against the fortress of Helm's Deep. In the midst of the chaos and carnage, one solitary elf seeks to aid his vertically challenged friend...no matter what the cost."

Bonus: Can you spot the hidden Chewbacca within the battle?


The Big MaK is a Custom LEGO Big Mac Fast Food Mech Warrior

With anti-air fry missiles, heavy Big Mac armor, sniper-fry cannon and a vanilla frosty grenade "The Big Mak" was developed and designed for the Creations for Charity that helps out the poor ass kids of planet Earth during the holidays.

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