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DIY Lightsaber Knitting Needles

Are you a knitter? Well then, may the force be with you. Check out these cool LED glowing lightsaber knitting needes that with a little time and engery, you can make yourself. Which, if you are spending your time knitting, I am SURE you have all the time in the world.

[ instructables ] via [ technabob ]


The Best Possible Lightsaber Jedi Badonkadonk You Will See Right Now

Lady Jedi Knights seem to get better and better looking. Reason: Glowing keesters.


A Beautifully Detailed Inside Look into a Red Crystal Chamber Lightsaber

Star Wars enthusiasts have been making incredible custom replicas of lightsabers with glowing crystal chambers. This is the Sith blade we have been looking for.

Read on to take a look at the stunning insides of this Jedi weapon that is full of elegant circuit boards and microcontrollers highlighted by a glow of the dark side.

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West Side Story Lightsaber Switchblade Street Fight

"The classic knife duel with a Star Wars twist"


Obama Riding a Lion While Brandishing a Lightsaber and Crossbow

What could be more regal than President Obama riding a lion with crossbow and lightsaber in each hand. Wookiee Jedi? This badass design was made by Sharpwriter and if you read on you can see it in much finer detail. Keep riding.

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Custom TOR Consular Double Bladed Lightsaber is Sexy as Hell

How absolutely sick is this saber? This entire build was hand-crafted by slothfurnace, who is known in the saber crafting arena as making some of this planet's most incredibly detailed and 'Star Wars accurate' blades. This blade is modeled after the saber located within the SWTOR video game.

Make sure you check out the source and walk through the entire build process. It is most impressive.

Thanks to Baron Nathan for showing me this. Now we shall fight to the death.

[ source ]


Now You Can Own a "REAL" Lightsaber: Best May the Fourth EVER

Care to swing around a full WATT of laser light in the form of a lightsaber?!!?! HECK YEAH ME TOO BUDDY. Wicked Lasers has been on a ROLL lately, from the real life laser mounted shark to this awesome attachment that converts your high powered laser pointer into a weapon of evil (or good).

READ ON to see it in action.

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The Cat Unleashed: Cat vs. Dog Lightsaber Battle 

This cat is a force to reckon with. Not only does this cat have some serious lightsaber skills, this cat force pushes the dog back like a seasoned Sith. Good... gooooooooood.


Darth Maul: Origins - Live Action Lightsaber Duel is Historically Awesome

Ever want to know how Darth Maul got his double-bladed lightsaber? He faught some blue dude in a trashed up warehouse covered in graffiti to the death, obviously. Seriously though, this lightsaber duel by Dante & GeeCee is VERY well done with great fight choreography and excellent special effects.

"To wreak vengeance, the apprentice Jedi Maul passes the dark side. He then confronts his master, the Sith Vowrawn and obtained by force it's legendary lightsaber."


JEDI KITTENS is a Lightsaber Battle you Should Stop and Watch Right Now

"Don't be fooled by their cuteness because they are really some crazy Jedi Kittens!"


Epic Old Style Kenjutsu Jedi Lightsaber Battle 

The Exotic Jedi from Japan, Old style Kenjutsu´╗┐ "Tenshin Shoden Katori Shintou Ryu"

Anciently Epic Lightsabering


The Jedi A-Holes Strike Back

First there was jedi a-holes, and now... they strike back. Of course, made by famed internet cg star, Freddie Wong. I'd move the moon for you. Know it.

Spotted at [ gtdw ]