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Cornobi: The Lightsaber Corn on the Cob Holder

Corn on the cob is goddamn delicious. All that butter and salt, but whoa! That sucker is hot! Time to use the force to hold that slippery and finger-burning cob with a lightsaber handle. Summer BBQing just got hyperspaced. Move along and watch the video.

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Scantily Clad Star Wars Lady with a Lightsaber

The Dagobah System is a more than a system, it's a swamp with snakes, dense fog and fish sticks.


Sith Battles Jedi in an Industrial Robot Lightsaber Duel

It has been done. The robots have become stronger than we could have ever imagined. Sit back and enjoy a lightsaber battle of the most humanly modern awesomenosity.

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics, an Industrial Control and Automation company gave this demo at IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Shanghai

Spotted at ieee by BR_AD


Funny Science Fiction IKEA Manuals Explain it Perfectly Geeky

 The humorous people over at college humor put together a pretty funny/geeky manual that explains how some of the most amazing scifi devices were made in IKEA fashion. So while you are sitting there chomping on your Swedish meatballs, read on and learn how to build scifi stuff!

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Epic Star Wars Lightsaber Duel Retold with Unicorns

An epic battle to be held in the heavens where Vadercorn vs. Lukecorn fight. This was made by Jonah Block and we shall thank him for the concept.

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Old and Tough French Guys In a Lightsaber Battle Power Argument

Hahaha... nice. Obiwan vs. Obiwan vs. Obiwan ! This has everything... duel-wielding, savage decapitation, brutal language, but it's in geriatric slow motion hilarity.

"A group of French old men arguing when a deadly lightsaber duel kicks in!"

Found a [ geekosystem ]


Early Valentine's Day Geek-Romance Lightsaber Duel Proposal

Wowwa woo waaaa.. That is a pretty nice letter to leave for your love one (if your loved one is a Sith that just happens to be without weapon or robe). Kind of reminds you of the nerf gun battle proposal doesn't it? Regardless, this is a pretty romantic start to any en-lightsabering evening.

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Gang Fight Lightsaber Battle Gets Your Ass Knocked Out

Wait?! What!?! He's got a lightsaber man! Let the gentleman's duel begin.


HomeMade Jedi Luke LightSaber is DIY Perfection

"A Return Of The Jedi Luke Saber, with crystal chamber, thin neck, and detachable blade."

You are watching the video right now saying "well, that is one sick lightsaber replica." I agree. You can go here and see bit-by-bit how it was constructed, and let me tell you, it is more impressive than you think.

[ source ] via [ gizmodo ]

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