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Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watch is a Coin-Op Wrist Luxury

This Romain Jerome Space Invaders watch would look so slick sitting on your wrist, wouldn't it? Well, you might have to invade a planet to get one. This beauty comes in a "day version" (colorful version you see above)  and a "night version" (with glowing invaders you can see here) each having a limited edition run of 78 and will cost you an estimated $10,000 a pop.

Our beloved invaders came down for there initial attack way back in good ole' 1978 and in celebration of this event, this watch was born. These watches are completely legit and taito, is fully behind there creation. Read on to see close-ups.

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Limited Edition Sparkling Evangelion Wine "Eva" up for Grabs

EVA01 BRUT - dry | EVA00 SEC - slander | EVA02 DEMI SEC - sweet

These limited edition bottles are so limited that they are making only 333 of each type. The wine is bottled in France and only the richest of your friends wil be able to snag one as they are about $600 a bottle. OH I see... YOU are rich? Great! Buy me one (of each).

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"Aliens" Limited Edition Print is Bloody Awesome 

Aliens: They will knock you down, bite you, scream something horrid, rip off your face and then to make it worse, yep you guessed it... spray you down with acid blood. Respect is all you have to battle these beasts, so check out this poster and honor the evil. Only 100 are being crafted and they are going pretty quickly. Kudos to the chef.

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Bossk, IG-88 and Zuckuss Limited Edition Screen Prints


Whoa... Bounty hunters Bossk, IG-88 and Zuckuss hanging on my wall? Finally these cosmic badasses are getting some solid attention. This is a set of three prints, each measuring 12"x36". Only 425 of these sets are being made and they are going for $85 each set. 

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Transformers, Skulls, Stormtrooper, Wolverine, Tiger, Dog Sick Print


This limited edition (only 25 prints) is total badass. 18x24 Metallic gold and black ink and Signed & Numbered by Hydro74.

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