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Skateboard + Cat + Cardboard Box = CatBoarding

Can you spare 10 seconds to learn about "catboarding"? All you need is a cat, a box, a hallway and you can catboard all day long for 10 seconds at a time.


Best Used VW MK2 Golf 1.8 GTI 8v Engine for Sale You Will See Today

You got yourself a used 'vw mk2 golf 1.8 gti 8v engine' that you are looking to sell off. Nothing. I repeat NOTHING sells an engine like a nice set of headlights.

"Radiator and housing Engine mounts Bottom end is also included but has been out in the garden for a while so that's up to you whether you would like that or not Any questions please feel free to ask."

Ready your paypal accounts and read on to see a closeup of the... "engine".

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Adding a Mustache and Eyebrows to Your Baby is Instantly Hilarious


Indeed you do young Ming the Merciless! Check out what Finder's Creepers decided to do to her little evil wizard infant with a drawn-on mustache and eyebrows. Normally, I would suggest that you should do this to your precious little baby with a washable marker, but seriously... use a permanent sharpie. The laughs will last you weeks.


From Mantis to Barnacle Style, Kama Sutra Animal Positions

There are times when learning is productive. The next time you want to get down, do it like an earthworm or a turtle. I know... froggy style is my thing too.

Read on to see them all.

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Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal (the best of)

The newest, lollest and hottest meme going around is video recording yourself spoon feeding Ryan Gosling some cereal and he simply rejects you.



Total Stupid Moron Dumbass Tries to Break a Car Window with His Head

Think your day was rough? Had to deal with a ton of shit. I bet your head hurts BAD.

Watch this video and somehow... it all gets better.


In Russia, Talking Fish Talk Way Too Much While on the Cutting Board

Radiation? Magic? This gutted fish attempts to grant some russian wishes (hammers, sickles and vodka).

This is monday... and on this monday, this talking russian fish is what you get.

By the end of the week, I bet most of you are making fish talk like this yourselves.


Liquor Store Offers Escort Quality Vodka at Hooker Pricing

Now THIS is my kind of liquor store. Chicago Lake Liquors is offering up Escort Quality, Hooker Pricing. Just look at 13.99 drop a whole four bucks. Perfect for a street walker.


Intense Mountain Side Sheep Rescue Leads to Intenser Sheep Super Slide

A sheep gets her head stuck in a fence on the side of a mountain. (very sad) Some brave humans make the hike to rescue the sheep with total success. (Hooray!!!)The sheep is DONE with all of this nonsense and decides to just bowling ball herself right down the hill like a pro.

Go sheep... GO.


Hilarious PVC Water Bazooka to the Face FAIL is Kind of a WIN

Add a little too much water and over pressurize your homemade soda bootle PVC bazooka and you get knocked out. The slow mo water stream to the face must have felt goddamn wonderful.


Kent the Grandpa with Metallica Tattoo Keeping it REAL

Hey Sarah... maybe you will think twice about crossing ole' Grandpappy.

bling bling


NAILED it! Budget TMNT Fetish Cosplay

Probably one of the most accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja cosplays that is guaranteed to spew the weirdest radioative juices we have ever seen. Good show.

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