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Incredible Lord of the Rings Guitar Designed with Sharpies

Led Zeppelin would have been proud to carry this insanely detailed LOTR guitar under the Misty Mountains where Bilbo once traveled. Believe it or not, this accoustic was hand designed with depictions of Barad Dur, Nazgul, Minas Tirith, massive Oliphaunts and more... all done with a SHARPIE.

This Lord of the Rings guitar was made by Vivian Xiao, which took about 25 hours to complete and if you read on you can see it all in it's full glorious detail.

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Epic LOTR Inspired Crochet Dwarven Beard Helmet

Nothing fights off the winter chill like a Dwarf with his battle axe and enormously braided beard filled to the brim with pipe weed, ale and meat bits. Yarn crafter SadDaysCrochet spent many moons crocheting this Gimli inspired beard helm for her lucky brother as a gift.

Best sister ever award granted

"Helm has a lovely fleece interior and beard attaches and detaches with large snaps."


Beer Drinkin' Like a Hobbit: The Real Life Green Dragon Pub

Drinking fine ale like a Hobbit while reading/watching anything to do with Middle Earth is one of your favorite things to do. ADMIT IT. How would you like to spend your drunkin' mushroom lovin' hairy foot balad singing times in this incredibly awesome recreation of 'The Green Dragon' located in the far away land of New Zealand.

"The pub offers exclusive drinks on tap including two beers, a cider and ginger beer and features original looking interiors."

Make sure you read on to see more pics...

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Gandalf the Grey Playing Bagpipes and Riding a Unicycle

Only in Portland, OR... The Unipiper strikes again, but this time he is the all powerful wizard Gandalf riding through the square playing his bagpipes while riding on a unicycle. You do remember Darth Vader bagpiper right? How could you forget.


The Battle of Helm's Deep Recreated in LEGO Animation

It still blows my mind that people are able to spend the time to make these things. I can only assume these people smoke a LOT of pipe-weed.

"The battle for Middle Earth has begun! All of Isengard is unleashed against the fortress of Helm's Deep. In the midst of the chaos and carnage, one solitary elf seeks to aid his vertically challenged friend...no matter what the cost."

Bonus: Can you spot the hidden Chewbacca within the battle?


LOTR 'Fellowship of the Ringwraiths' Gives Light to the Nazgûl

Ever wonder what those Ringwraiths discussed while hunting for Frodo and the gang? Well you'd be pissed too if you were a Nazgûl duped by a bag of vegetables.

"Despite being known as the second most terrifying creatures on Middle Earth - hardly anything is known about the Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings... until now."


The Great Stack of Hobbit / LOTR Books Eye of Sauron Tower

The great eye sitting upon the Barad-Dûr Box Set reads all.


Hunt Frodo Down in This Badass LOTR Inspired Wraith Hoodie Cloak

Odd, a store in NYC is offering up this Lord of the Rings inspired wraith hoodie that lets (crosses fingers) the wearing ride demon horses and armor wearing dragons. Where are you Frodo Baggins, you little thief?!

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One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor and Eat an Eye of Sauron Cake

The great eye of frosting sees all. Orcs have birthdays too I would imagine...

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This Realistic Giant Spider Puppet is Like Wearing Shelob from LOTR

Check out this massive air powered spider puppet that looks a bit TOO real.  How it was created, I am sure we would all love to know, but for now just watch this video and say "wow.. that is kinda cool." This spider was created by tdartist who obviously has a future doing something that we all wish we knew how to do.

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The Definitively Evil Lord of the Rings Chest Tattoo

Sauron, "The Great Eye" deserves to be permanently inked on this man's chest by tattoo artist Casey Anderson. This giant tattoo completely covering this unknown fellow's chest plate is impressively geeky and shows off his allegiance to an unending age of destruction. He is obviously that hardcore.

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Raid The Shire in this Metal-Crafted Nazgûl Full Body Armor 

Ever considered becoming the Witchking?! Pesky Hobbits getting in the way of you doing your job of desperating needing to get yourself that one ring to rule them all? Well now you can BE a Nazgûl for real with this sick menacing full body armor and trounce anyone who tries to stop you!

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