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AWESOME Troll Hunter Prequel Trailer as The Empire Strikes Back 

Amazing. One of the creatures in The Troll Hunter is missing an arm. So, superduperrune decided to spend some time editing up a little fan made video to show us how the epic battle went down, which ultimately lead to the loss of said limb. Just watch and love how awesome this is.

"When I first saw that, I knew I had to make this Empire tribute! Some webpages have mistakenly called this a mashup. What I've done is to take the scene from Empire Strikes Back, erase the existing characters, and then animate and re-composite the characters from Troll Hunter into the Empire footage." -superduperrune

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Wampa, Luke and Eggo Waffle Hoth Scene Recreated in a Freezer

This is a Star Wars battle scene we all might as well have going on in our freezers. I'd say that you should let the snow/ice build up, but we know that it's already there. Leggo my eggo snow monster !

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