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Infected and Fleshy Mario Piranha Plant is Fantastically Disgusting

Those Mario Bros Piranha plants have received the gross treatment by artist Dogzilla Lives who brought you such weirdness as the gnarly bio light switches.


Super Mario Bros Easter Eggs!

Easter.. the day we celebrate the second life of MARIO! Check out these awesome Nintendo / Super Mario Bros Easter Eggs!

[ instructables ] via [ uniquedaily ]


Bowser Sand Sculpture Spotted on the Beaches of Brazil

Geeky artist Maria Paula Molina of Argentina crafted this awesome Bowser sand sculpture while hanging out on the warm Brazilian sand. Does he spit fire? Quick.. jump over him and nab the axe (sand scoop)!

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Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant Pipe Electrical Breaker Box

Spotted in Cork, Ireland, this electrical box has been altered into the awesomeness of a Mario Bros Pipe.


Mario and Peach 'Be My Player Two?' Marriage Proposal 

Nothing says love like a couple of gamers getting hitched the best way they know how. Hope she likes Mario enough to get past that 3 coin chip of a rock there buddy.

Update: This was made by a lady who proposed to her boyfriend. GOOD JOB PAL!

Read on to see more of this cool mario ring box. :)

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Snow Shoveling: THE VIDEO GAME is Hilariously Awesome

It has been done. Snow shoveling has FINALLY been turned into a video game. Time to upgrade that shovel and get out there and level up! I will admit that this is one of the best things I have seen in a while. Kinda makes me wish I had some snow to skill up with and go slaughter some snow zombies.

Thanks go to reader, Code2 for the heads up. Rumor has it that he has the biggest "shovel" anyone has ever seen.


Real Life Bowser and Baby Bowser Spotted in the Wild

Bowser made real. Bowser has always been real. But, the REAL astonishing part of this Bowser spotting is that this is hard proof that Bowser knocked some lucky turtle up. Cigars all around.

[ source ]


The Mario Moped Coin Collecting Fail

Ohhh how a little oldschool NES mario soundtrack and effects and go a long way to make some funny. :)


Darth Mario: A Super Mario Darth Vader Cosplay Mashup

Obviously this was spotted at the recent San Diego Comic Con.

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Move Over Beta Fish, the Mario Bros Fish Bowl is the Next Geek Rage

OK maybe YOU will still be too hot, but this is a fun little DIY project that will keep our good pal Mario cool. And, we all know he works a LOT harder than you do. So basically think about it this way... would you rather have an 8bit Mario on your desk floating around or a stupid lame-ass piece of crap fish that costs money to feed and provides absolutely no entertainment what so ever? Yep. Mario Wins.

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Mario Warfare Teaser Trailer

They attacked his kingdom and kidnapped the girl he loves... Mario is pissed. So pissed that he puts on dirtbike gloves, straps on an airsoft gun and shoots a bullet with the casing still intact through some 3D title animations.

via [ geeks.thedailywh.at ]


Hyper Awesome and Colorful Super Mario Dollar Bill

George Washington, today you make your country proud to have the ability to be defaced into something so awesome. It's a me... a mario!

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