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Incredible Metroid Xenomorph Mashup Digital Painting

By fusing a Metroid with an Alien Xenormorph rpowell77 just might have created a scifi creature that I honestly would not mind ripping out of my chest. It is just so damn pretty.


Super Vibrant Metroid Stained Glass

 Video game stained glass art sure has come a long way into the world of things I wish I owned. This is the newest Samus Aran addition to the pile by MartianGlassWorks, a glass worker who also brought us the Iron Man stained glass that we all know and love.

This makes me want to curl up into a little ball and drop colorful glass window bombs.

[ source ] via [ neatorama ]


Metroid's 16 Bit Samus Costume in Real Life Pixel Monster Boss Battle

This is a full scale human fitting Samus costume in 16bit! This is Chozo's new photoshoot demonstrating what it would look like in action versus a mean looking purple pixel monster. Very awesome. Read on to see a few more action shots.

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Custom Leather / LED Steampunk Metroid Arm Cannon

Skinz-N-Hydes is no stranger to making awesome leather steampunk wearable art and this Metroid Arm Cannon is rocket launching sick. The barrel and power lights look to be fitted with individual LED lights.

"Made with: Leather, Brass, Nuts and Bolts, Odds and Ends, Rivets, Buckles, Lights"

[ source ] via [ ianbrooks ]


Video Game Characters Infinite Treadmill Workout Animation

It' 2011, even the video game characters we know and love have to shed some of the holiday pounds. Watch out for the bandit!


3D Samus Aran Made from Old Video Game Cartridges


Metroid's Samus Aran made from 179 broken or just totally worthless video game cartridges. Made by blazebratcher out in good ole' Denver, Colorado and we thank him for having nothing else better to do than make cool Metroid Art out of wasted memories. So, thank you.

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Metroid Burlesque: Samus Aran Struts her Moneymaker on Stage 

Samus Aran you minx. This is Devil's Playground's very own Courtney Cruz being all video game burlesque-y on stage in LA. The west coasters get all the video game sexy fun shows with the tassels on the ladies parts and such.  Click on my friend, see more.

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